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    Bike $2000 or under

    Well, you have my permission to believe that any manufacturer would stand behind its warranty for more than 3 years but you'll never convince me. Offering a warranty like that has certain legal implications that I don't believe those companies are willing to assume. I believe that what you're...
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    Bike $2000 or under

    You and I usually agree on most things but I sure as hell don't know how you can get a "lifetime warranty" on a thousand dollar bike which is nowhere near the high end of the scale anymore.
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    Did You Ride Today?

    This unfortunately one of the costs off riding for sport. In another group, there are a couple of people claiming that they never fall. I suppose that if you're someone that always rides well within your limits and are extremely careful that you wouldn't crash: after all, Dutch commuters very...
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    Do i need a shorter stem, lower back pain?

    I wonder why cyclelad hasn't responded after his "is anyone there" message. In his picture he was perhaps a little stretched out which would be easily fixed with a shorter stem or moving the saddle forward a little though this can have effects on pedaling angle. But I remain adamant that most...
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    What is best to measure heart rate?

    Yes, but unless you have a heart problem in which you have to continuously monitor your heart rate it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. You can tell with your breathing just as accurately. This is why you see so many power meters for sale - after one or two rides there's no further information...
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    What sunglasses do you use for riding?

    No, and with one piece lenses you can have them cut to prescription. If you find a set of plastic sunglasses that are in two lenses, you can usually get them cut to prescription. One of the things to be aware of is that the frames have to fit your face so that the tops seal fairly well just off...
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    Bike $2000 or under

    That is quite a stretch in price range. I would suggest that you look over Craig's list for a bike. It is pretty surprising that people will buy a new bike, take it out on the road, hit a rock and fall over and never ride again and you can get an essentially new bike for next to nothing.
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    What's on your cycling bucket list? Bike rides to do before you die.

    My wife and three step daughters 11, 16 and 18 rode coast to coast twice. they took turns driving the station wagon with all of the camping gear. Then they rode across half way to the Jr. Nationals and the youngest got a third with absolutely no racing experience.
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    Campagnolo 11 speeds

    Here is another more important question: 11 speed Campy and Shimano cassettes work the same with Campy 11 speed levers and derailleurs. So you can use 11 speed cassettes on the proper wheels and they will work fine on the Campy. But 11 speed are no longer made and everything new is now 12...
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    Help! need new cyclocomputer...

    VDO makes a good speedo and they also make one with an altimeter in it if you like to keep track of your climbing.
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    Tube/valve question - presta

    Because they are now making tubes with various lengths of stems they are using removable stems to standardize. No big deal, just hand tighten the filler back in and go down to your local bike shop and get the correct wrench for these things which are small enough to prevent you from...
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    Advice for a Solid Bike

    1. Buy used. 2. Make it a higher quality steel bike. 3. NO FANCY group set and NO disk brakes. Shimano Ultegra or even 105 which I have found to be more reliable than Ultegra. Do not believe the bunk that you have to have a light bike. I can't tell the difference between a 22 lb bike and a 16 lb...
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    Solid inner tubes for a cyclist who is NOT into racing?

    It is extremely difficult to get "solid" (foam rubber) tubes that behave well with the weight of your specific bike and your weight. To prevent common flats buy better tires. As a suggestion
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    Inner tubes

    Cars are usually tubeless these days and they have such high volume of air compared to the tiny leaks that they last for months before needing a refill. Tubeless bike tires leak as well, but since they have sealant that generally slows it down to needing air every couple of weeks. Superlight...
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    Need a best quality helmet for cycling

    As someone that had an EXTREMELY bad concussion and have also written papers on the effects of helmets in crashes, let me say this - the standard foam plastic helmet is just about as good a nothing at all. And finally the industry is coming around to see that, Bontrager (Trek) makes the Wave...