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    Looking for advice on training regime

    You welcome!
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    Looking for advice on training regime

    Hi, it would be good to come up with some structure of training, it will help you and your body to adapt to specific workouts and track progress. Example week: Monday - OFF Thursday - Endurance/Tempo/Threshold Wednesday - Easy Endurance Thursday - Threshold/VO2 max Friday - OFF Saturday -...
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    Beginner looking for general advice

    Check this guide for beginners in cycling as well as the whole blog, it should improve your cycling knowledge and skills.
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    Can’t keep same hr in aerobic workouts

    Your HR will increase with time when you are riding on trainer even holding the same power. Do you have the same problem outside?
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    Running cycling, which one better, which one harder

    You have to by way more careful with running, even increasing weekly distance by few km can "brake" your legs. It is very important to periodization your training plan and focuses on recovery, stretching foam roller. Yes, running is much harder than cycling.
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    Eating more when riding

    Check this article how to keep balance in cycling training diet. It is all about calories balance, but it is important when and what you eat. Example: a day of intensive training – day with a high level of supplied carbohydrates a day without training – day with a low level of supplied...
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    How often to max out heart rate?

    I would never do it! This information gives you nothing. More important is FTHR or if you use power meter FTP. Base on it you set up your training zones and come up with a plan.
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    Using a pm to determine how long to rest

    It is very hard to say that using a just power meter, but if you use a power meter and heart rate you can track those numbers and see the relation between them. A very good method is to track Pw:Hr in Trainingpeaks on aerobic steady workouts, it should be below 5% and then you can track...
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    Do i have potential?

    Hi, can I ask what was your 20 min peak power? I would focus on one of those disciplines and you can mix them during the offseason. I would do what I like more so I picked cycling. Answer one question, cycling or running, then focus on one What is your training plan now?
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    Increase max power

    Try standing starts with big gear and sprints with big gear, effort shouldn't be longer than 10-12s. But a whole point is you have to put everything you got and that is a hard part. Then focus on technic of the sprint, it can gives you around 100-150 extra watts.
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    Training zones using a heart rate monitor.

    I would start with 20 min test to set up your Functional Threshold Heart Rate (FTHR), don't use maximum heart rate! And here you have zones and duration of workouts/intervals. Zone Lower Range* Higher Range* Intervals Time Zone 1 – Recovery N/A < 68 % 30 – 90 min. Zone 2 – Endurance 69 % 83 %...
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    Power meter vs. heart rate monitor.

    Hi, I would say you should focus on the relationship between power and heart rate, then you can really analyze data. You can work out with heart rate only or power only but it doesn't give you the whole picture.
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    Training advice for a new road biker wanting to compete in a century ride next year

    Hello, you don't have to do 100 miles every week to be good in century race. How do you know that doing 100 miles is not too big effort for your body? Even if you are getting ready for the long race you still need to work on intensity but it should be planed for the whole season. Try some of...