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    Cannondale SuperSix 54cm w/Campagnolo Athena 11 for sale

    Selling my Cannondale on eBay if anyone is interested. 23290
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    Am I Making Sense?

    I'm a manly man: I lift weights, I oogle pretty gals, I train for competition in Brazilian jiu-jitsu grappling tourneys, and yes... I ride a womenz bike. It happened by accident, I purchased a slightly used Supersix off eBay and for the life of me couldn't figure out why the top tube and head...
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    TUF 20

    The Aussie off course speaks for herself...
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    TUF 20

    That's T The U Ultimate F Fighter, season 20, which after 20 seasons might possibly make it the longest running "reality" show. I believe 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' currently holds the title? In any case it's an all female straw weight division (115lbs) fight-off, with a Championship belt on the...
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    The hydration chart above the urinal is hysterical... yes, if your urine is black you should consult a doctor!
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    I just don't seem to progress in my endurance

    Three days a week is barely enough to see any progress beyond a certain point, at least for aerobic fitness. Three days a week of weight training for strength or to build mass would be fine, but not to get really strong aerobically on the bike. Your split workout is probably better than just 3...
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    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    I noticed the hundreds of documented news stories of guns being used defensively at the bottom of the page: It was disheartening to read the story of a young man in my home state who is being charged with manslaughter after he shot one of five armed...
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    Unknown Flat Tire problem

    If it's not immediately apparent I would submerge the inner tube, after its been removed from the wheel of course, in a shallow tub of water. If there is a puncture, you will see bubbles. Besides the spoke/rim tape culprit Alf mentioned, a piece of glass may have worked its way through the...
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    It's killing me but..........

    Effective written communication is an elusive creature. Felt, I imagine some of your discussions on lifting were back in the day when we actually conversed face to face. Ironically I suspect some of the fellas we have arguments with over the internet we may actually get on with in person and...
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    Adjustable stem issue

    I suspect your issue is a stem for older but still common clamp size 26.0mm standard vs. the 31.8mm standard. Thats a common road standard and there may indeed be even others. Hyrbrids I'm not sure about
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    Good Legs, bad back!

    I don't think back issues are specific to building FTP but cycling focuses a lot on one particular set of muscles, the extenders (glutes extend the hip, quadriceps extend the knee, gastrocs and soleus extend the foot) and lower back to some degree, and largely ignores the muscles of flexion...
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    10 weeks till race - how best to train?

    Yup, as long as one is not dead last there's always hope. The problem with racing in the US is that sometimes the fields are filled up (my last RR had a maxed out field of 110 riders), but I've seen some vids posted by members who must live in more secluded areas where it seems there's only like...
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    MUST SEE... LIVE: September 18, 2014 Jens Voight apparently attempting WORLD HOUR RECORD!

    In addition to the bike standards, the wiki for the hour record also states riders are required to be part of the athlete biological passport program. Looks like they are creating a new ground zero.
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    10 weeks till race - how best to train?

    The good thing is that after some specific training you will be amazed at how quickly your body will adapt to not blow up with a significant surge. The problem many beginners have in their first race is that they've been training a few times a week at mostly endurance and tempo speed, maybe...