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    Which Makes A Better Cyclist?

    The five days a week option for sure!
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    How exclusive are TT and Hillclimbing?

    You're fairly light for your height. Hillclimbing is about power/weight and TTing on a flat course is about power/drag. So for the hillclimbs your low weight is helping out, whereas for the TTs it isn't really helping much. So you'll get faster at TTs by increasing your power and/or reducing...
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    First 120km ride leads to many questions...

    Sea to Vines? I did it too, was a really nice route. Warm weather... but not too stinking hot! You could try making some adjustments to your bike. Your hand and wrist pain is almost certainly due to the flat bars. With your arms out at an angle, your wrists have to bend inwards and upwards to...
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    funny patenting

    A while back I bought and read 'the lance armstrong performance program' and noticed that all the workouts prescribed by Carmichael had a little 'TM' next to them. One of the many things about that book that put me off...
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    Insane thoughts while riding home...

    I think there is a company 'Pure Hero' that makes spiderman (and other superhero) cycling jerseys. They appear to be down at the moment.... I wouldn't wear one myself but each to their own... :)
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    The essential Perth ride

    Hi all, I'm an Adelaidean heading over to Perth for the Easter weekend to visit some friends. On one of the days I'm planning on renting a road bike and going for a ride with my mate from Perth. He also rides a road bike but apparently hasn't done a lot of riding since moving there at the start...
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    I have just begun road biking and I need to know some training tips on long distance.

    Ride lots, and read a good book on the subject. The book recommended above (Complete Book of Long Distance Cycling) is excellent, in my opinion.
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    general reliability of cycling computers...

    I'll add to the Sigma recommendations. Great computers, nice big display and big buttons as well and a very simple interface.
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    Ultegra vs. SRAM Rival

    Stuff them both, go Campagnolo!
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    Tour Down Under - Challenge Tour Jan '07

    If you can do that then keep training.... you've got heaps of time to get ready for the 128km option. If you can do a 100km ride a couple of weeks before the day then you should be fine. Just don't get too caught up trying to go fast, focus more on pacing yourself so you feel right. I'll be...
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    Dropdown vs. Bullhorn bars

    I'm not certain - but I'm guessing the main advantage is that the bullhorns would be slightly more aerodynamic as they have less frontal area than drop bars?
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    am i mad?

    Absolutely not. I would highly recommend "The Complete Book of Long Distance Cycling":
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    I'm a moron, but...

    Strange thing to happen.... did it happen while you were riding or somehow when you were off the bike wheeling it around? Try shifting to your smallest cog, and then dropping the chain off the chainrings and resting it onto the bottom bracket. Then pull your derailler cage forward so the chain...
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    Speed and Aerodynamic Ride Position

    Remember though, there is only resistance due to bike weight when you are going uphill.
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    List your height (inches) and frame size (cm)

    6'4" / 192 cm 62cm