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    Smoking and cycling

    Let me first of all say that i am not a smoker and the only reason i ask this is because of the 100+ cigarette per week habit of my ex girlfriend. I noticed that as i was in attendance for nearly all of her daily puffs it did seem to have a negative effect on how i felt when riding my bike as i...
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    Antioxidants in food

    I have recently read about the benefits of the antioxidant qualities of foods such as pineapples, prunes and tomatoes and have subsequently worked them into my food intake on a daily basis. Unfortunately as i have been riding a lot less then normal lately, due to other commitments, i can't tell...
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    Bike Locks: What's a good lock to secure $300 bike in medium crime area?

    I use the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit chain and lock which is one of the best on the market. As i was always locking my bike to the same lampost each day i kept the lock around the post even when the bike wasn't there as it weighed around 5kg and was a bit of a nightmare to carry even on short...
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    Bike Buying Sites

    I live in England so the bike i would recommend is likely not available in the USA but if you want to take a look at any pics of my choice they can be found at and search for the Pinnacle Aurora 2.0 Hybrid bike. I ride a 30 mile round trip to work and back each day and have found...
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    BMC Bikes

    Just to give an idea of the factors that were mentioned that play into the bike to choose: My riding ability is massively improved over what it was when i bought my current hybrid bike around six months ago as i now ride thirty miles a day to and from work, forty miles on my training rides, and...
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    BMC Bikes

    My local bike shop is a registered dealer for the BMC brand and as i am bowled over by what i have seen from their top end bikes can anyone tell me what they are like to ride and also any pros and cons they have noticed compared to other bikes of a similar price range. Thanks
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    Cannondale system six or Lemond Victoire

    Any opinons on these bikes for a rider who likes the hills?
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    Training Music

    I used to listen to talk radio podcasts but realised that i wasn't pusghin gmyself hard enough during the ride as i was paying too much attention to the discussions. Now i ride with no music or radio and find that it helps me stay in the riding frame of mind.
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    Saddle sores!!! Pain in the butt.

    Assos Chamois cream cleared me up in no time. I have no problems now
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    Milk. Good or bad in relation to cycling performance?

    Im a health concious rider who likes to know that what i am putting in my body is first of all good for me and also in some way beneficial to my cycling performance. Something i have incorporated into my diet for several years now are big bowls of cereals and several glasses of either milk or...
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    Energy Drinks

    I like a fruit smoothie diluted with water which i find refreshing and nutritious but a guy from my local cycling club swears by 9 parts water 1 part coca cola. Can't say i've tried but give it a whirl if you like the idea
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    Please help me choose a hybrid

    Please see my response to the other thread about hybrids which i replied to today
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    Looking for assistance in the purchase of a new hybrid

    I recently bought a Pinnacle Aurora 2.0 from Evans Cycles for £499 and after making the leap from mountain bikes to hybrids have never looked back. I originally bought it just to commute part of the journey to work but since riding this bike, which is a hell of a lot lighter than my Alpinestars...
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    What should I eat? Making a cycling diet...

    Please read the thread started by myself called "How can i stop losing weight while cycling?" as like yourself i wanted to know what i could do to become stronger and fitter on the bike whie also looking to improve the quality of the nutirition that i consume. Hope it helps
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    The pros and cons of adjustments in diet

    One thing I’ve noticed while striving to find the prefect blend of exercise, nutrition and rest is that when I make a change in any of these areas that I immediately feel a positive benefit, which is good in the short term but usually within a matter of days, despite still incorporating this new...