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    Bike For City Cycling?

    Hybrid's are a good all around bike and a good first bike so you can figure out what direction your biking will take you. You might find you prefer bike trails or open road or unpacked trails. What you liked as a kid may not be what you find enjoyable now.
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    Avoiding Knee Pain

    I have had knee pain for a few years now. I am 51 so I guess that goes with age too. Usually my knee's are what stops me from rides over 20 miles. Some days I feel good and go for longer rides. Hoping if I can drop my weight down it will help. Aspercream helps too.
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    I am always nervous before riding. Does this happen to anyone?

    I only get nervous if I had spicy burritos earlier in the day and there are not any toilets on my route! Lol I am serious!
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    I Just Found A Great Tire For Bigger People.

    I think you can get them in those sizes too.
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    Do You Over Inflate Your Tires?

    Me being 230+ pounds I go for max psi. The new tires I got have a much stiffer sidewall and hold my weight better so I don't have to over inflate so I don't look like I am riding on half flat tires.
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    Are we really the last generation of Human on Earth?

    Your all a figment of my imagination- when I am gone so is everyone.
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    Do You Still Ride When Sick?

    I have had a cold for a couple of days and feel achey and weak but I want to go for a ride but my wife says no. :(
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    Got Passed By A Fast Cyclist

    Thanks for all the info! I am hoping to get my weight in the range of 205-210. At that point I will be as about as lean as I can get. I am guessing my aluminum framed Schwinn Hybrid weighs in at 30 pounds with all the junk I have on it maybe a little more. I saw a nice Fuji road bike at a local...
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    How Much Do People Lie About Averages Speed?

    I just use the average on my iPhone app
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    Ebay Rechargeable Headlights- Do They Work?

    I used my light on high tonight for 90 minutes and it worked great. I am impressed. I might buy another for a spare.
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    How Much Do People Lie About Averages Speed?

    I am pretty pretty big at 230 and 6'1" and 51 years old soon and I can sustain 20mph for a mile- mile and a half at time with my hybrid. I am guessing a fit 25 year old guy with experience at 180 pounds and a 10 pound road bike can could average 20mph easily.
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    Got Passed By A Fast Cyclist

    I think when I get my weight down 25 pounds I might look into a nice road bike. How durable are lightweight road bikes? ZXD22- that's awesome! I can hit 24mph for a bit on flat ground but only for a bit. Rocket Ron- what does that convert to in mph?
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    Got Passed By A Fast Cyclist

    I usually ride my hybrid about 17-18 mph with bursts of 20-21 mph. Usually the only ones that pass me are guys on expensive road bikes and if I peddle hard I can stay with them for a mile or so. The other day I saw someone coming up on me fast while I was going about 20mph during one of my fast...
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    Is it me, or is this rude?

    Do what I do- when I catch up to them and pass them I throw a stick in their spokes. They show me more respect the next time I see them. Lol
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    Do You Over Inflate Your Tires?

    Oops I never punched in the tire width. 95 psi rear and 63 psi front. Right now I am running 95 rear and 85 front- the max on my tires.