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    Hot Foot

    I'm on my third pair of shoes...from Cannondale Mtn to Specialized Spinning to Sidi Bullett Mtb...still getting the hot foot especially on the right all three cases. I'm thinking the spd pedals create too much pressure in a smaller area of the foot ant that a road pedal would...
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    I want to ride across France. Any thoughts?

    get a life....shove your politics and just answer the man's legitimate question...and no I did not and do not support Bush.
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    Scion XB bike fit question

    My wife and I have carried two bikes at once in our XB...but I would definitely prefer a roof rack to doing it that way.
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    WILD animals spotted on my rides

    I was coming up a shared ramp (bike lane/freeway exit) when two baby deer were startled by me early on a Saturday morning. They bolted across the freeway and were immediately hammered by oncoming cars. I can't seem to forget it...
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    I need a Road Bike

    RickF should copyright and publish that analysis! I agree with it wholeheartedly. My choice was a bike with alu-carbon mix and full 105 components. It came in at what I considered a reasonable price and I have loved every minute riding it. Good luck in your search.
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    VERY weak beginner.

    Lots of good advice here. I would say the best advice you've been given is to just continue to ride. Time in the saddle is the key. I'm 51, soon to be 52, and decided to start cycling seriously back in May. As of today, I have about 93 hours in the saddle and 1,275 miles. If you had told...
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    Which is better for climbing?

    That is Iowa Hill part of the Auburn Century. It's coming up from the American River outside of Colfax, CA.
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    Which is better for climbing?

    The climb takes place about 24 miles into the ride. The entire ride features 11,000 feet of climbing.
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    Yep, with the carbon stays. I've put about 100 miles on it so far and I love the ride.
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    Which is better for climbing?

    This first two times I attempted the hill were on a hybrid with the 48x38x28T triple. Mind you, I was only going about 5-6 mph in the lowest gear to make it up this stretch. I had a tougher time with the 50/39/30T Bianchi ...but that could also have been due to the heat and fatique from early...
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    Which is better for climbing?

    Thanks for the reply. My Bianchi has a triple chainring of 50/39/30T with Shimano 10spd rear cassette 12/27T. This particular hill is part of an upcoming century (Sept 16) and it goes pretty much straight up for 1.75 miles with the average being are worse than that!
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    Which is better for climbing?

    Which one of these cranksets is better for climbing a big hill and why? Average grade of the hill in question is 13.5%. 48x38x28T or 50/39/30T?
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    My wife and I just got two of these 06 Bianchi Giros.
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    Any Bike shop owners here?

    I would be careful in wanting to own a business that deals with something you really enjoy. In this case it is cycling. I had a similar experience and it basically ruined my enjoyment of the activity that I had previously loved.
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    2007 Bianchis

    Just google "2007 Bianchi" there are several links