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    Cleaning a bike chain..

    I use a [spray on] bit of simple green, then warm soapy water and a brush. Rinse, dry, oil, then dry the oil off the chain with a rag.
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    Bike for overweight male

    I started out at around 257 pounds on a used mountain bike with no shocks of any kind. If I was to repeat the process today.... I would pick-up a brand new big-box store 29 inch wheeled mountain bike without any suspension. Something tough enough to handle your size today.... and still be...
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    Why is last nights ride effect me as much as it is?

    Your arms are too stiff on your downhill's.
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    GMC Denali Road Bike

    All bicycles are upgradable.... if you have the time, money, tools, knowledge, and skills. You might want to check out yard sales on the weekends. There are some really nice older bikes can be picked up pretty cheap if you're careful.
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    Burning body fat

    Losing weight can be difficult. Worse... or more difficult than just losing the pounds is creating a lifestyle that promotes fitness and a healthy weight. I lost over 70 pounds with diet and fun. OK... you could call bicycling exercise.... but mostly it was just good fun. I used a diet app...
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    Need advise

    1. About the correct weight for your height. 2. So... your burning somewhere about 1000 calories a day cycling. The actual calorie count for cycling is very debatable... but "around" 1000. 3. If you want to build certain muscles... first place I'd start is exercising those muscles. Likely a...
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    What do you do in the winter if you have an urge to go biking?

    I like that idea. I bicycle in the winter... if not too cold, icy, or wet with salty roads that might harm my bicycles parts and finish. I got in a dozen decent rides before spring. But I've been sick since spring so I am stalled with cycling even though the weather is pretty good. I Like...
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    Is road cycling dangerous?

    When I was in the Army a couple days after we had chili (it always had beans) the cooks would serve the chili over spaghetti. I learned to like... even enjoy... the chili spaghetti. After "the war" I found out that Frisch's also served chili over spaghetti. And then after moving to SW Ohio...
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    new to biking :D help?

    Wear a helmet. Always wear a helmet... MHO. It's easy to dehydrate even in cold weather. On trips further than a couple miles I take a bottle of water. Get yourself a cage and a water bottle. Every cyclist sooner or later gets a flat tire... or so they say. It isn't unheard of to get...
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    My workshop

    Very nice. Maybe it's time I re-plan my workshop layout.
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    Cadence out of saddle

    As we get into spring we will read of more new cyclists wondering why and for how long their butts will hurt. Often just standing long enough to move some blood into the large muscles [normally compressed when on the saddle] is enough to save butt discomfort on long rides. I try to remember...
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    My workshop

    I am a bit of a Home Automation guy. The whole house is computer controlled. I use some kitchen under-cabinet LED lighting that comes on at dusk and turns off at bedtime. Then the lights come back on early (when the coffee brews) and turn off at dawn.
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    Thinking of buying a SWISSBIKE folding bike? Be careful.

    Every mechanical device sooner or later fails... that's what they do. Most well made and properly engineered devices of all types last as we would expect them to. But be sure.... it is far from unusual for machines to fail. If you want to save some lives... (and who doesn't?)... remind...
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    Washers for friction shifters.

    Nylon washers are pretty standard hardware. Have you tried the local hardware supply... or on-line hardware.
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    My workshop

    This is my Bicycle specific tool set. I have other tools, in a Craftsmen roll box for other repairs. Well done.