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    Which brake pads?

    Brakes are over rated
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    Cycling and Blue Jeans don't mix

    Levi 560 jeans
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    Did you Rde today

    No ride again today. I will get out for sure on Tuesday. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Wednesday I will be grounded again I had an energy audit performed on my house a few weeks ago and Massave will be coming by to blow in 4 more inches of insulation in my attic.
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    Lemond as UCI president?

    Campybob would be great. He has a very LIBERAL view of doping in cycling.
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    my thoughts on cleat position with eliptical chain rings

    I was wrong for believing.
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    Winter cycling clothes

    The right kit for the right time is important. I will be doing a review of the kit I won on this site shortly. Thats right I won it on this site. 8 months ago. As soon as it comes in I will give it a review.
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    Mt Biking benefits and how to incorporate into a winter training plan?

    Get yourself the proper kit to deal with your enviroment and ride your bike. Keep your eye open this site gives kits away.
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    2012 -- 1000-Mile Month Challenge

    I am happy you are feeling better. I was wondering why your mileage was down.
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    Did you Rde today

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    We have all types even sizes of shoes no cycling kits. Check our site at nice shoes for you .com.
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    2012 -- 1000-Mile Month Challenge

    Hey Q they will be tossing me off this site shortly. I won a cycling kit valued over 500 dollars back in April and they never delivered. Many emails and and bunch of promises. I really dont care if they ever deliver but I cant help myself now. Keep riding you are an inspiration.
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    Wont Be long

    Before they ban me for life. I have multiple accounts so I will be around.
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    Your Favorite Cycling Kit.

    The one you never got.
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    Severe hand pain when cycling

    Hey OP good folks around here. To bad the site itself cant follow through on its give aways.
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    Hi Austin. I am Gay are you?