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    Tight tire fit

    So you are gonna be screwed if you get a flat on the road then. I think you need to replace your rim tape with those little plastic inserts that go over the holes in the rims(and throw away the rim tape). I've forgotten the name right now and I'm in a rush - but all the big boys sell them now...
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    CTL building strategies

    Hi Dave, Very Useful. I'm very much in the stage of transition from adhoc to a more structured program and this seems like a great way of saving time experimenting. It also addresses something that seems to have been repeated all over the place about the rest weeks... Nice to also see...
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    Richey Carbon Pro Forks

    Thanks for the tips. I had cut the fork a little below the stem top so that was okay. I just cranked away in the end and it worked great. I think after crushing an expensive carbon seat-post in the past I was overly worried!
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    Richey Carbon Pro Forks

    Hi, It's just the compression thing doesn't work so well - before I torque the stem bolts ;-). I haven't used the star bolts but I'm just thinking it offers a better securing solution but I saw they were for alu only in subsequent searches. I think I prefer the Cervelo solution where you glue...
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    Richey Carbon Pro Forks

    Hi, I'm installing some Richey Carbon Pro Forks on my break-away frame and was wondering if anyone else has installed these forks? they come with two securing devices - the first looks like the bottom part of the old type friction stems (some sort of friction expansion device) and the second is...
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    Tool Kit Additions - what would you add?

    These:,6610,s1-5-28-15835-1,00.html I know you have a torque wrench but this is so easy to use...
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    Seeking Crankset Advice

    Hi, I ended up going the other way. I had a stronlight z light compact which I bought as it was the only compact crank I could find at 180 mm length. Although this is not the same crank you are looking at, It was flexy (you could watch the chain move side to side between front derailleur as...
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    5-7 Hour a Week Training Program

    Hi, Maybe slightly OT, but related to getting more time each week to train. If it's impossible to commute on a bike also consider a Computrainer or Tacx VT. I sometimes also sneak these sessions is after the kids are in bed - if you leave you bike setup on these it's very quick to get...
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    Lightest Computer with Cedence?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a very light computer with cadence function? Ideally I'm looking for the lightest total kit with cables or wireless. cheers, :)
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    can a carbon frame take this?

    Funnily enough my Cervelo Soloist flexes way more than my old alu Specialized Allez on the trainer. For that reason I prefer not to use the carbon bike in the trainer
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    Max observed % FT improvement

    A question to the Trainers here: What's the best % improvement you have seen in a relatively untrained athlete? I ask becuase I've managed a 34% improvement to date (training and getting quick wins with cadence etc) but still need another 30% FT improvement or so to reach the w/kg target I have...
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    Zipp 303`s or Zipp 404`s

    I ride my 404's all the time also becuase my powertap is laced in the 404 rims. What I won't do again is travel on a plane with them as I managed to crack a rear rim (or it could have been my poor wheelbuilding/ poor LBS wheel service). Otherwise I don't see how training can really hurt them. In...
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    RacerMate Computrainer vs. Tacx Fortius

    I have both. I ordered the Computrainer and then wanted the Tacx for real life videos as I thought it would keep me on the unit longer. Anyhow the Computrainer works a treat and the Tacx is in the store room as it was dead on arrival (have to wait until I’m next in Europe for warranty...
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    Decent High Rise Stem - Carbon bar Friendly

    I just saw this - is the design okay for carbon bars though?
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    Decent High Rise Stem - Carbon bar Friendly

    Hi, I'm having to lose 4.5cm off my bar stack height to bring my forks back within manufacturer safety recommendations. I'm currently running a 11cm Ritchey WCS 4axis OS Road 84 degrees. I've ordered the same at 73 degree but I'm worried it will only give me 2 cm back. Can anyone recommend...