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    Mirrors, are they pointless?

    Thanks guys for your opinions. The consensus is mirrors are a good aid for safer cycling. I think I'll take the plunge and try a few mirrors out, see if I can used to them. There's plenty of different types on the market today. Thanks Paul
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    Mirrors, are they pointless?

    I've always had a bit of a downer on cycle mirrors going back years. mainly because the old ones I tried weren't very good, they vibrated a lot making it difficult to see what was behind. I also found that they got in the way and generally made me feel uncomfortable. I've now been hearing that...
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    Do I really need Fancy Pedals and Shoes?

    I'd get some, they're not essential and I went years without them. I was a toe clip man for thirty years but eventually succumbed and bought myself some peddles ans shoes. I was a bit wary at first but soon got used to them and now they're second nature to me. I got confused once when I forgot...
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    Winter is here:(

    Rain, rain and rain here in the UK along with some morning frost. I don't go out in the rain but we get some good dry winter days that are perfect for cycling.
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    Briefcase Pannier

    I think I'd find that case a little irritating. You need to remember the **** you'll pick up from wet roads. A nice shiny briefcase would soon look tatty with road splashes on it. why not get a pannier and put a briefcase into it?
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    Bike Security Question

    They look pretty good but I've never used one so can't give you an opinion one way or the other. If you do get one I think I'd make them even more secure by taking the back wheels off and storing them in the house somewhere, chained together. If you do buy one I'd be interested in what you think...
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    How Has Biking Changed Your Life?

    I consider my years of devotion to cycling as one of the factors that has contributed to my 30 years of marriage. I spend that much time out on my bike that me and my wife don't see enough of each other to argue.
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    How Cold and Wet Does It Have To Be Before you Cancel A Bike Ride?

    I won't go out if it's raining unless I have to like when I'm commutting home from work. I won't go to work on my bike if it's raining. There's nothing enjoyable about cycling in the rain, as soon as you start to get wet the whole experience can become unpleasant. I'm not as bothered about the...
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    Some safety advice

    As a cyclist you will encounter lots of challenges when you are out. Safe cycling is about being totally aware of your surroundings and trying to anticipate what other road users are likely to do. Your first priority when out cycling is your own safety. Safe cycling means using your head and...
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    I almost got run over yesterday!

    Why can't you just approach the person and bring the matter up in a calm and logical way. I'd tell the driver I wasn't happy about the incident and how close you came to being injured. Would they have drove off if they had run over your legs? This is disgraceful unethical behaviour, it's...
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    My Parents think Riding is Dangerous!

    Your parents are right and their concern is only natural. Cycling is dangerous but so is stepping out of the house. You could allay their natural fears by taking a safe cycling course. Life involves risk and as already mentioned t from the supermarket door he effects of not exercising are dire...
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    Knocked Off By A Cat

    A friend of mine took a trip over his handlebars a few days ago on his way to work, because of a cat. He'd approached a part of the road that goes down into a steep dip and is followed by a steep rise. The statergy of cyclists when hitting this stretch of road is to cycle hard down the hill to...
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    Helmet Cam

    You definetly need an action camera designed for this. there's plenty of great ones about.
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    New Site

    Looks good, I'll bookmark it and have a read later.
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    Who do you enjoy biking with the most?

    I'm a solo rider most of the time because I work shifts so it's hard to join clubs. I'm happy with it, I always push harder on my own.