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    Liyang Carbon Pro 2 Mystery Frame

    lol, we've had that conversation behind the scenes :) Seems unlikely to be that exact frame but was one of the few that came into the country. The one I had has had such a hard life I think it trickled down the value tree until it got to me rather than being stolen then passed on.
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    Need your opinion of this bike

    Merida are the frame manufacturers for a lot of big names you will have heard of. I know they do GT. I think they do Mongoose (part of the GT family) and I think they do Specialized as well though Giant were/are making Specialized frames. They have started making their own bikes, hence the...
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    Liyang Carbon Pro 2 Mystery Frame

    I got this poor abused carbon frame off a guy and have no idea what it is. The angles seem more road bike than mtb but it is for 26" wheels. I thought maybe 26" wheel tri bike but it has canti/v bosses. I googled to no avail and I emailed Liyang but got no reply so I need your help. If...
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    nice giant on ebay going for peanuts!

    Easy theflyingscot! You joined and your first post was about the bike on ebay. You raved about the bike in a fashion that made it seem like you were the seller and the bike is being sold by someone who doesn't know how to measure it which is both funny and dodgy, so people are poking fun. What...
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    nice giant on ebay going for peanuts!

    Answer to a question about the size of the bike- "I have spoken to a friend who is a bike mechanic and he tells the measurement should be taken from the ground to the top of the wheel which is 29 inches." and the bike weighs 6.5 lbs and goes 300mph and can fly. Honest. *snigger* ;)
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    Does Kona make good MTBs?

    Your right about them starting in Canada and I think they do most of their stuff there still. The frames are made in Taiwan like nearly every other bike company these days :) Not a bad thing though, despite what many people think. DecSim Awaiting Kona Coiler delivery :)
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    Poll: What type of ride do you have?

    Specialized FSR XC 2001 with Hope hubs and discs (just sold the bike but not the Hope wheels as I love them far too much) Kona Coiler 2005 (just ordered :)) Rock Lobster hardtail
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    Converting Cro-Moly rigid to hardtail

    Yeah, Conniebiker is right, I didn't mean to make it sound like you have to find forks that are exactly the same length but just something to bear in mind. No 170mm travel forks for you :) You can also help compansate for the way geometry change affects the steering by changing stem length...
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    Converting Cro-Moly rigid to hardtail

    Flaming internet explorer crashed and wiped the reply I was working on. Attempt two :mad: The two measurements you need are the diameter of the steerer tube (will be either an inch or inch and an 1/8) and the crown to dropout length. I made a diagram for that one! Armed with these two...
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    can someone help a newbie?

    How tall and heavy are you? I ask because the Hoss Deelux is specially designed for taller heavier riders so it's a pretty hardcore bike. Great if that's what you are after. If you don't need it to be stupidly strong maybe look at the Kona Caldera as it would be a better all rounder and it's a...
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    Kona Dawgmatic

    I was looking at the Dawg but went for the Coiler (arrives next week :D) purely because I have a bike for XC so could get something a bit heavier with more travel and not have to drag it on long XC rides :) The Dawgs were very tempting though. How are you finding the Dawgmatic? Love to hear how...
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    Bike: Specialized FSR XC

    They should be very nice, I ride a 2001 FSR XC and never had any problems with it. Not too heavy, not too fragile, enough suspension for all your XC needs. The new version has been getting good reviews in the mags I read (What Mountain Bike and MBR). Hopefully someone who has one will get in...
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    Which Marzocchi Bomber is this? Help please.

    Those look like the MXC forks I have on my hardtail. I have the air spring version and yours look like the coil spring version. They cost about £160 new and I have had no problems with mine at all. They are robust and work well. Considering they are budget forks they are great.
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    question from a newb: What's the point of a single speed mtn bike?

    Don't knock it till you've tried it. You know it's sick and wrong but you can't help but enjoy it :) They climb like a goat on speed by the way, partly because the rider has two choices, walk or ride, and there is no granny ring to save you. I knocked 15 minutes off my hour long hilly commute...
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    overcoming fear

    Dirt Magazine have made a dvd called Fundimentals ( It is mainly aimed at downhill riders but is very informative for all types of riders, left me itching to go out and try some of the techniques shown :)