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    Bike shimmy

    That's some good info from Lennard Zinn, thanks.
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    Headset & Stem Tightness

    Yes, would say weight on the bars helps. I had the dreaded speed wobble for the first time last weekend when I took my hands off the bars at 55 kph to sit up and stretch (it was a long descent). Just putting weight back on the bars damped it out quickly. Since it's never happened before at...
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    Whats next?

    George said it well. Save your money for replacement tires, chains and other maintenance rather than spending money now to upgrade. When it's time for new wheels, drivetrain or shifters, that's the time to consider upgrades. By the time things start wearing out, you may decide you "need" a...
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    Localized Muscle Loss???

    Recently saw some remarks from Hincaple that he dropped another 10 lbs (to 165) this season. He said he worked with a motivational coach who convinced him that his 6'3" height was no real barrier to becoming a great climber. If you continue to ride and restrict your diet to lose weight...
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    Neck Pain

    On the 58 cm frame, was your seat post way up relative to the bars? If your regular (60 cm frame) is set up with a 2" drop from seat to bars, and the 58 you rode for a week has say a 5" drop, that would result in a major increase in your neck angle. It takes time for your neck muscles to adapt...
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    Helmets: to wear, or not to wear?

    Read the policy page of the website, which said they are concerned that helmet promotion labels cycling as a dangerous activity, and hence discourages new riders. The fact is that yes, cycling is a dangerous activity. All new potential riders should be warned that they face serious injury or...
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    The 56 cm may give you too much reach to the bars. What did the pro fitter tell you? If he recommended a smaller frame, I'd probably go with that. You could also get a shorter reach stem of course. Second what Art said. Lower back pain on a tough, hilly ride is nothing unusual for many of...
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    I don't want black tires anymore!

    A) The Pro Race 2 is Michelin's racing tire....just like the name says. It's a fine tire, but is designed for grip and low rolling resistance, not the ultimate in puncture resistance or long tread life. They ride and work fine for normal riding, but in my experience, you'll have to replace...
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    Any ideas for an Aomalously BAD LT?

    Our club had a sports medicine MD talk at a meeting earlier this year and perform a live LT test on a willing subject. He discussed the confusion around the definition of LT. The formal definition he used for "LT" was the power level which causes the first rise in blood lactate levels, or...
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    Helmets: to wear, or not to wear?

    mysrh, hope you're healing well, and recover fully with no permanent damage. Perhaps your sad story will convince a few people that helmets really do work, and that accidents happen on the road even to careful riders.
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    Helmets: to wear, or not to wear?

    Sorry, but these vaguely-worded generalizations sound totally ignorant to me. We all know that helmets provide a degree of protection against any head injury. The fact that this protection works well in "minor accidents" , but isn't sufficient in a worst-case accident, eg, when hitting a tree...
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    I've never had much luck with the Michelin slicks either. Conti GP 3000s work great for me; no punctures or cut-throughs in 12K miles. Of course, no tire is "bulletproof"; I'll get a flat eventually with the Conti GPs (4000 is the replacement for the 3000). The Michelin Pro Race 2 is said...
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    Do you ride with a mirror?

    Yes, I use a Cyclemate mirror that mounts to the side of the helmet. After riding many years without one, I now think using a mirror is a great safety feature for all road riders. Since cars, motocycles and even F1 cars have mirrors, don't understand why they've been slow to catch on with...
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    Bontrager wheelsets

    The Race X-lite rear hub failed on my buddy's Madone 5.2 last Saturday. Bike is about 2 months old. He weighs 165 lbs, does a lot of climbing at fairly high output. Trek dealer said it's a known problem, that they would take care of right away. I'm curious to see what the replacement wheel...
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    Recommendations for a Puncture Proof Kevlar belted tire

    I thought that too for many years, but when I got new Michelin Pro Race tires a few years ago, noticed they had an inflation range on the sidewall of 6-8 bar (87-116 psi)rather than just a max rating. This, plus some reading, convinced me to try the lower pressures. What I found was fewer...