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    Weight Loss help

    No sir, I researched it in various places, as well as asking other professionals and doctors that I know. I did a check on the company that makes it, and looked at what goes into their processes of production, as well as the standards they use for their products. I did not write this up in a...
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    Weight Loss help

    In my first post, did I ever say anything about selling or trying to convince anyone to do what I am doing... No. I thought it worked good, so I stated that in my first post. Apparently you two disagree with that; fine.
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    newbie looking for racing info

    You can definately make it to the Cat 3-4 level without doing anything illegal. Just know that not all of the advice on this forum is expert advice (mine included), but with some hard training, you can get in shape and definately be a contender... Just keep up the drive to achieve. It always...
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    Weight Loss help

    And the author of this article is who? She has prob. researched all of this herself, and I am sure that she didn't just get this info from someone else. She is an author of business articles...:rolleyes: Hey fellas, all I know is that it works for myself and a few people that I know. Whether...
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    Lance, after the tour........

    So that is what happens after you win the tour....hmmmmmm......
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    Weight Loss help

    Not rubbish, but you are entitled to an opinion. Thanks for making it well known though. :rolleyes:
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    Weight Loss help

    Sure, I will leave them out next time. It doesn't matter to me whether or not you think they work. I was just stating what I was doing. I have no need to convince, I will just keep them to my self. No worries. Sorry to get you worked up. Have a great day.:)
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    Recovery drinks

    Actually, you have no idea if it works or not, because you have never tried it (or even seen what it contains). Before you make a comment like that, why don't you make sure you know what you are talking about. It is not a supplement, and the ingredients in the drink are all ok w/ the WDA...
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    Weight Loss help

    Actually you're both a bit off, it "locks" onto the digestive enzymes, and it does not "promote" anything, it does. I have many friends that are losing weight by using the product. It blocks 1500 calories per day. They have pharmaceutical standards of the quality of their products. This is...
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    Tour de Toona: advice?

    I have no advice for you, but let me know how it goes for you. My team is going down there to race. I won't be able to make it because I HAVE to go to a wedding. I really wanted to hit that Cat 3 points race, but the wedding is on Fri. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Have a good time though and keep the...
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    Recovery drinks

    When the legs are burning after a race, I will drink an XS Energy Drink - 0 Carbs, 0 Sugar, 8 Calories -- But packed with lots of adaptogenic herbs, and cuts the recovery time in half! I love it! Many professional sports teams in the USA have been using this drink for their players as...
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    Weight Loss help

    I am not a diabetic, but to lose weight, I also watch the carbs I intake. Except I use a natural food supplement called Carb Blocker II that basically grabs the enzymes that digest carbs into your system and locks onto them. This allows the carbs to shoot right through your system. Now I...
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    How do they do this??

    Hours of practice on the bike...
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    How much does your bike weigh??

    I have a custom made JADE bike. I sent in my measurements, told him the type of frame I want, told the color, the components, the decals, paint schemes (designs), everything was exactly how I wanted it. That is how they sell the JADE bikes. They have stock bikes, w/ stock colors as well. The...