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    Joe Papp's testimony

    In the past I've seen figures that 18 died when EPO first hit the scene and another 10 died when Aranesp first came out. Not sure how factually correct those numbers are however.
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    Greg's Evidence

    EPO had FDA approval in 1990 and probably hit the peloton by 1991. There is simply no comparison between doping pre- and post-1991.
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    US cycling legend LeMond to appear as witness against Landis

    It's definitely amateur hour for the Landis team. As kids we knew to dial *68 to block the caller ID when making our prank calls.
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    US cycling legend LeMond to appear as witness against Landis

    The only mainstream media article I've seen on LeMond's testimony so far (CNN/Time) still paints him in a somewhat unfavorable light. Unfortunately I think the general public and casual cycling fan will miss the point of what LeMond had to say. Now, how can we get LeMond elected president of...
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    Need Saddle Recommendations

    Definitely beyond the scope of this forum. I would look for a female Physical Therapist who is an avid cyclist. She would be able to guide you best. Ask cycling buddies, local clubs, and shops if they know of anyone who fits that description. After the seat rec, you could try a professional...
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    Serious Dessert Addictions

    As a lifelong junk-food connoisseur and carb-addict, I feel your pain. In a cafeteria setting it can be incredibly difficult to eat the right things and not eat too much so kudos for only having a dessert problem. Replacing dessert with fruit is an excellent suggestion. Once you retrain your...
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    Spoke tension and Dimensions?

    Certainly a reasonable suggestion, I will try that. I was really looking for specific recs for the non-drive side to check the prior work of my LBS and to make sure that I have properly tensioned the spokes following lateral truing.
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    Chain Replacement

    Chains ship with a very thick and tacky lube that will collect all sorts of road dirt if left on intact. To completely degrease would remove this lube from the inner chain parts. Instead try soaking your chain in something like Prolink for a day or so. I've had very good results with this...
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    Spoke tension and Dimensions?

    Just truing the wheel and wanted to double check that spoke tension is within suggested limits and balanced when I'm done.
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    Spoke tension and Dimensions?

    Have a set of Ksyrium SL3s that I was truing. Unfortunately I'm at a loss with spoke tension. On the Park Website I've seen the Zicral spokes listed under 3.3mm round, but there is also 5.3mm x 1.8mm bladed aluminum that fits with what I have measured. Also what are the recs for spoke...
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    The anatomy of a cyclist - which muscles are used to ride

    The original circular diagram depicts the agonists at different points of the pedal stroke. In general the two-joint muscles like hamstrings (biceps femoris, semimembranosus, and semitendinosus), rectus femoris, and gastrocnemius are most important. For the purpose coordinated movement the...
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    The anatomy of a cyclist - which muscles are used to ride

    That diagram is nice. Your hip flexors are off though. The green color indicates Iliopsoas (iliacus, psoas major, psoas minor), Sartorius, and Tensor fascia latae (more of a stabilizer). Also Quadriceps femoris is a 2-joint muscle so can act as a hip flexor as well.
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    OAKLEY M-Frame vs. Zeros

    +1 on the Rudy Project Ekynox, they have been good glasses and I was able to get a great deal on them. FWIW Oakley optics are superior to any other brand of glasses/goggles I've ever tried. The Zeros look to have a thick temple piece so they may block peripheral vision, it would be worth...
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    Klodi signs for Asanta

    That may be their tactic (and a good one at that), to stack their team with enough talent and big names that they can't be ignored by UCI/Protour.
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    Do I need a wide saddle or am I just a wus?

    +1 on the Toupe. I suffered for about a year and a half on a Fizik Arione before getting the Toupe (143mm width) on a whim. The new saddle has been nothing less than great.