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    Team Discovery, is this their last year?

    Unfortunately, Discovery had dropped them for the next year. I believe the doping scandals have had something to do with it. Doug
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    So sad =(

    I remember changing a tube and forgot about that last bit of tire. I pumped the tire up and was almost done when it exploded. Sounded like a shotgun and scared the daylights out of me. Doug
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    Time for a Century?

    At 56 yrs old, I still have a goal of riding a century. The closest I came was 87 miles 20 yrs ago. I am now riding again after a long hiatus. The times you post sound pretty decent. Doug
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    First fall using clipless..

    The meeting will now come to order..... (Honk, Honk) The 2nd time I fell was after a ride. My 3 children were looking out the bay window at me, when I fell in the driveway. They immediately got my wife and the whole family watched as I lost my wrestling match with my Cannondale. After 12...
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    First fall using clipless..

    I just did the same thing for the 3rd time in 20 yrs.....I was very embarrassed, and couldn't believe it. I landed on my left elbow and left knee. After two weeks they still hurt. Unfortunately, at age 56 I don't heal nearly as fast as I used to. Doug
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    My love...

    I knew from the color tht it was a Bianchi. A beautiful looking bike. Doug
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    First Century

    Way to go! That has been a goal of mine for years, but never accomplished it. Are you ready to do another?? Doug
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    Economics/share prices/recession

    Remember the financial scandal around 20 yrs ago when all the 3rd world loans were in danger of default. Then we had the savings and loans scandals in the middle 80's. Names/Institutions change, but evidently risky loans keep occuring.
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    Songs I hate

    With out a doubt, Crocodile Rock by Elton John.
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    Va Peninsula area

    You might want to try . That is the local Tidewater Bicycling Assoc website w/organized rides. I believe they have a lot of rides that originate near Ocean , Fat Frogs Cycle shop. Anyway I am in Great Bridge and just starting out after a long hiatus and am in terrible...
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    (pre) St. Patrick's Day Special - Name Your Favorite Beers

    Ayinger Er Weiss Aventinus Konig Ludwig
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    AIDS hits U.S. blacks harder than other groups

    Just don't log on , simple enough. After all it is entirely voluntary. Or don't you realize that. Doug
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    AIDS hits U.S. blacks harder than other groups

    Exactly, there are plenty of threads on this site that don't relate to cycling. If you don't like them, don't read them. Don't just pick on one topic. Ban all of them. Or are you too dense to realize that? I would love to see what you would have as our constitution. Doug
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    AIDS hits U.S. blacks harder than other groups

    Gentlemen, If you don't like a thread don't read it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I am very leery of banning a user or thought. Reminds me of the USSR or China. Doug