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    Goals Galore, v2.009

    First of all I need to find full time work after I finish year 12. Hopefully saving a lot of money this coming year. Once I find a job a goal might be to buy a powertap. On the bike My season is split a few different ways. 1.) Top 10 at U'23 road nationals (going to be realistic here as I am...
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    Guys wearing yellow jerseys

    what if they won those jerseys? I have a yellow jersey & polka dot jersey from tour wins. Even some national kit when I represented my country. I am damn proud of that stuff and I will wear it whenever i feel like. I dont get paid to ride my bike yet...who cares?
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    Drinking and Pissing

    I am more worried about the fact that before a major stage race all you had to eat was a piece of toast, coffee and water...Are trying to get seriously skinny??? before a stage race I have a cereal, toast, powerade, water, bananas and a gel BEFORE the stage has started. Then top up with energy...
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    TT position assistance

    it would be nice if you wore a black skinsuit against the white wall so we could properly see the contours of your back. your back looks fairly horizontal and you look comfy on the bike. When you race make sure you are looking straight ahead dont look at the ground... You have a big ball of...
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    Goals Galore, v2.008

    Goal 1- january 2008. represent the state team (U19's) at track nationals in atleast one of the track endurance events. Never ridden track before so this will be a learning experience. All my training is focused towards the track until the track season is over then I can start switching over to...
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    Tour 2008: Let the speculation begin.......

    The ttt makes the race less exciting especially if there is a dominant team, look at this years first ITT where astana smashed the field. A guy like cadel evans could lose up to 3 minutes in a team time trial whereas in an individual time trial its fair game. Whoever suggested an uphill TT and...
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    Observation of my climbing technique

    Yeah I am defintely not worried about not having a PM, My plans for the immediate future dont include a power meter. However thats not to say ONE DAY I may think about buying one. When I sit down I spin about 80-95 rpm up hills from 4%-10% that cadence is very high especially considering its...
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    Virtual Coach vs. non-personal plan

    Your own real coach is going to be a whole lot better than either option.
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    Observation of my climbing technique

    Nah my problem is the longer hills, just cant seem to get comfortable or find a rhythm. The shorter hills I generally just mash over. When I say I time trial well thats usually over any distance that requires aerobic strength so pretty much over 1km pursuit. I am pretty sure my climbing...
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    Observation of my climbing technique

    For my build 1.77m & 68kg's I generally struggle a little on the hills, I am much more comfortable on the flats doing a time trial or trying to breakaway...Seeing as though my favourite discipline is time trialling and im not a huge rider my power to weight shouldn't be a problem, I am thinking...
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    What do U think of my coach's advice?

    In relation to the OP having a higher FTP WILL be the biggest help, no doubt. If her FTP is very high then the bursts of acceleration you face in a race wont seem all that bad anyway. The short term solution would be a block of vo2 work as the coach prescribed as the season is almost coming to...
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    What do U think of my coach's advice?

    Yer your probably right. Amazing how you came to that correct conclusion over the net. By "accelerate" I specifically meant 1-5 minute efforts (sorry for the confusion, not sprinting which is something different again). eg. jumping across a break, hanging in there when someone puts you in the...
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    What do U think of my coach's advice?

    sarcasm? lol. Where do you race? Do you ever accelerate in your races or is there speed limit on how quick your allowed to go? Ive never been dropped when going at a FTP power unless its up a rediculously long climb...maybe that means I have a relatively strong FTP compared to my vo2...
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    What do U think of my coach's advice?

    It appears your coach is right. Vo2 max power and how you recover from it are almost always going to be more important than FTP. Listen to your coach...You are wasting his time if your following some guy on the internet over him. Your coach will still probably happily take your money however.
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    Phrases That Will Never Be Used On This Forum

    To No Positives: Jan and Ivan never tested positive! Andrew Johns (Rugby league player...had some talent) never tested positive for ecstasy and he admitted he used it since he was 19-21! This NO positive argument is BS seeing as though a lot of the PED's are nearly undetectable anyway...