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    How do kids train in your country?

    We had a discussion with cycling fellows and as a result I would like to know how kids, 12-14 years old train in your country. Do they train alone or in groups, do they train at sport schools, clubs or on their own, how do they race, how coaches manage the process. Just an outline, two-three...
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    How accurate are online calculators for power/speed?

    That's my issue, I am not able to cringe myself into a decent aero shape since I have wide shoulders and wide upper body and also when I was away from cycling I built even bigger and wider upper body :- (think Meatball Friedman but wider) and I'm not gonna let it go. There is also another...
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    How accurate are online calculators for power/speed?

    I don't have a PM and don't want to buy it since I'm keeping my tools simple and cheap but I wonder how much power per kg I need to keep 40 km/h on a road bike with non-aero wheels in the drops? I see there aresome online calculators, but I think they might be pretty off. I have a Tacx Satori...
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    Off the bike training for racing / Strengthening the core

    So ... it is a plank! Wow! No, it is a posh plank! By the way, the world record is about 40 min, there was a video with a woman doing 40 min plank, I saw it when I was trying to keep it as long as possible. Last summer I was able to keep it for 3-something minutes. Kolobnev in his blog also...
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    Maximum strength and cycling performance

    the barbell seems quite light, he's doing high rep/low weight, pure anaerobic endurance. And you don't like that too? Well, at least Kristoff has proven he had done no wrong. I know that's useless to argue with you on weights but I think that quik squats/lunges produce stress that's quite...
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    A side note for weight training and gaining muscle mass for track racing. Arnaud Tournant numbers.

    height - 180cm (another source says 184) weight - 88 kg (another source says 98, I hardly believe) body fat (%)- 11 Max power, lab (W) - 2250 Max power, track (W) - 2490 Vertical jump 55 cm VO2max - 5,1 l/min MHR - 184 Max aerobic power (FTP?) (W) – 370 I wonder how he's able...
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    Road cycling in Turkey (Antalia/Belek), is it doable?

    What the subject says. people say that roads are very harsh
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    4 minute intervals

    Sorry, I missed that idea! I remember reading some abstracts where 4 min intervals improve TT times without changes in VO2max. I should have made a bookmark everytime I read something like this.
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    4 minute intervals

    do you tell guys in a race when your HR dropped low enough and they can start another attack? :)
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    Benefit of multiple short intense efforts

    there is lots of stuff on longer intervals, this article nicely sums everything up,-by-andrew-coggan.aspx there only missing values in the second table but there are copies of it all over the internet.
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    Benefit of multiple short intense efforts

    Some time ago I asked practically the same question about 30 sec intervals but the answer was "we don't understand it, we don't use it, it's not worth a penny". There is some research that shows that series of 25-30 sec practically all-out (like a "very long sprint") intervals with long...
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    Clydesdale road bike finally finished

    flip the stem, man, it's a road bike after all!
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    HR Training + Power Training

    that's a nice graph. It explains why my HRs are a bit lower indoors while PE stays the same.
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    Columbus, Indiana Road Cycling

    Putting a towel under a drum will ruin consistency of rollers + HRM. I don't have a PM and monitor workload with speed and heart rate. I'm an average cyclist, I guess my FTP is around 4.0-4.2 w/kg and compact cranks with 11-25 cassette make rollers quite punishing exercise. I did CTS Field...
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    it band injury

    I've been plagued by IT bands on both sides from running some years ago even from 1-2 runs/week. Switching to riding always helped, inflamed IT bands never bothered me on a bike no matter how fast I was riding, although incorrect seat height (a bit low in my case) made it noticeable. I tried...