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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    2010 Scott CR1 Comp     2008 Orbea Arin  
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    Orbea riders?

    Did a few upgrades today. New tires, seat, & pedals. Giving it to my wife and she is giving me her Scott CR1. This Orbea Arin is insanely light. Very comparable to the Scott CR1 Comp.
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    Car Rack

    It's not cheap, but the 1up USA Quick Rack is the best I have ever had. Should be last a very long time. It only does up to 4 bikes though. You buy the first one for $299, then each extension is $199. After beating my bikes up I did it and now do not regret the investment. 1up USA Ultra Rack
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    Orbea riders?

    My 2008 Orbea Arin I picked up today. Campy Veloce Grouppo FSA SL-K Campy Vento G3 Wheelset ISM Adamo Seat Carbon seat post & Headset KNOG Nerd Computer It's a nice ride. I bought it second hand, but he said the original build was about $4200. :eek: Weighs in right under 18lbs.
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    And Frog lights front and back I see! I did the same thing. :cool:
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    Need help with saddle.... perineum getting pinched

    There is a similar post on this forum too, but I had similar issues and went with an ISM Adamo and wouldn't go back to anything else. I have bought both the "Road" model and "Century" (two different bikes). The Century I think has a bit more cushion, but the partial lycra covering would...
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    bike computer advise

    I would read the reviews on sites such as amazon and nashbar. I personally love my Knog N.E.R.D. 12 function. Easy to remove when needed and works and looks great. Comes in about 6 colors too. I was sold on Cateye wireless, but I have now bought two of these Knog NERDS. No cadence though...
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    Good tire levers for 700 x 23 tires?

    I have a Crankbrothers speed lever and love it. On really tough tires I had to use a little soap, but overall it was very easy to use after the learning curve of 1 tire. I paid $7.50 USD ++ speedlever :: ++
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    Proper chain cleaning

    I have really enjoyed Rock n Roll lube for this past season. I have only tried the Extreme so far. Rock"N"Roll Lubrication - Products - Bicycle Lube
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    seat killing me nuts

    Lol! That is a pretty funny title to this thread! You can always try a seat like this if all else fails. That is what I did, although, it was my prostate area that was the problem.