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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    Ahh okay gotcha. Yeah hiking is my 2nd interest. I live in the US, so my wife and I hike and camp in the smoky mountains, red river gorge area quite often. Mammoth Cave National Park, the largest cave system in the world, is 45 minutes up the road from us.
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    Aushiker, those are some sweet rides! If I'm not mistaken, that's an MSR tent as well. Do you go hiking a lot?
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    Commuting to work - What do I need?

    I commute to and from work everyday with clips. I leave a pair of worn out shoes at both my jobs (they don't require anything fancy to work on gym equipment and fuel airplanes), if I do take my backpack (which is a photographers backpack, the Adventure 9 by Tamrac) I put my laptop in the laptop...
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    STAGE 7: Le Mans -> Châteauroux - 215KM

    I can understand motorpacing to catch the peloton, but Chris Horner was straight up hanging on to his car trying with only 31.0 km to go to catch up, I think he deserves a good reprimand.
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    STAGE 5: Carhaix -> Cap Fréhel - 164.5 km

    Bad wreck for Boonen, he was going what, like 45mph?
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    STAGE 4: Lorient -> Mûr-de-Bretagne -172.5 km

    Some will say it's too soon to be talking, but I really don't see Contador making up any time soon. He's good in the mountains, but those stages are later, not now. He will definitely make up time in the mountains, but it will be too late for him by then. I am counting him out of the top 3...
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    STAGE 3 - Olonne-sur-Mer -> Redon,198 km

    Glad the USA man got the win on July 4th, Independence Day!
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    87mph Motorpacing!! How fast have you gone on a bike?

    I hit 45 on a downhill with my first roadbike. I ride a Trek 1.5 now and went down the same hill and hit 44.4 just yesterday. So close!
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    Tour De France Fantasy League

    I have calculated the points, and I very well could be wrong, but after figuring everyones placement in the first stage, and in relation to who we all picked and how RCUK does the points, Ross is in the lead with 55 pts, Andy is 2nd with 54 pts, I am 3rd with 52 pts, Amanda is 4th with 51 pts...
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    STAGE 1 - Passage du Gois -> Mont des Alouettes 191.5 km

    Quote: Originally Posted by Andrija Personally, I don't like when time gaps are created this way. It leaves impression that the winner is decided by luck rather than ability. Couldn't have said it better myself. It should be about brute strength, not some idiot with his back...
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    Tour De France Fantasy League

    Good luck to you too. Cycling isn't that famous in the U.S. so I have to watch it online live. I am still scouting some good sites. Let me know if you have any in mind!
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    Tour De France Fantasy League

    Your friend Ross Perks needs to know that Peter Sagan has an "X" through him. I still haven't found out why he can't compete, but he won't earn any points in the league.
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    Tour de France: Most Bizarre Moments

    The faceplant is pretty funny. The last guy pedaling through all that wind is pretty wild too though. He had stuff flying every which way and he made it through! Good stuff. The Tour is just awesome!
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    time benefits of cycling shoes

    I just went from a 34 lb Walmart road bike to a 20 lb Trek 1.5 Triple about a month ago, and I am amazed. I bought clips with the Trek too. I wish I could say it was just the weight of the bike, but I have to say that upstroke is awesome with clips! You work a completely different muscle...
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    Sheesh, at 13 years old I was building ramps with cinder blocks and jumping over friends in the neighborhood. Certainly not riding 100 miles on a road bike. Granted, I probably rode thousands of miles in my little neighborhoods, but nothing like a structured ride and wanting to build muscle, etc.