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    difference between front and rear v brake calipers........

    rear one has a longer cable ;)
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    Bike modifications for semi-fat people!!!

    that "learn to ride' post was just dumb from start to finish. ignore it. 190 isn't huge and you don't need any special "heavyweight" type bike, even if such a thing existed. you don't need a riser stem, you don't need 36 spoke wheels. just buy the bike you like and have at it
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    Bikes on planes (as regular luggage)?

    you could cut it in half
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    the best stationary bike

    buy my bianchi giro and don't ride it. voila - stationary bike!
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    nicoletti engineering framesets

    anyone know anything about these? they're no longer in business and someone once intimated to me that they used to be airborne's frame-maker. they used to make cheapy straight-guage 3/2.5 ti framesets. anyone got any more information?
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    Purchasing components from online retailer

    dude wtf is xmast???
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    Bianchi Owners please step forward

    i bought an 04 giro about a month ago. i hadn't ridden road in about three years and my last bike was a custom build (cheapy ti frame and good parts - dura etc) which i loved. bought the giro because i wanted to get back in to road riding for fitness and i thought it seemed decent. and it is...
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    here's a good deal for a 2004 bianchi giro

    plus i've left all my information on there, explained that photos are available of ANY PART of the bike in detail (left my digital camera at work over the holiday but can go get it for anyone interested), and have a 100% feedback record of over 100 transactions on ebay. what's wrong with that? i...
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    here's a good deal for a 2004 bianchi giro

    it's me selling it (same name?). it's a nice bike but i just don't feel like it was the right bike for me and i'd rather sell er quick and buy something more suitable for my riding style and let someone get a good deal. but hey corsaire, nice to hear the voice of the cautious man
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    here's a good deal for a 2004 bianchi giro
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    It´s not about the bike , stupid !

    yeah HTs i would guess are compulsory, and i guess rigid forks have to be part of it too. ps glad to hear it lockstah ;)
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    Home rebuild tale of woe...

    circlips and a coiled spring. real ***** to get the clip to stay holding the spring as you remove the finger that's holding it. i can't remeber how i did it cause it was about three years ago but i think i used a knife blade or seomething flat to hold the clip in place until the cover was near...
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    It´s not about the bike , stupid !

    /\ zzzzzzzzzzz :rolleyes: lol el ingles did you really expect anyone to agree with you on this board? it's not about skill here dude. it's about shaving your legs and riding a pinarello. congrats to your man though. but i have a question: is that set-up legal for cyclocross? sounds more...
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    Home rebuild tale of woe...

    lol. (sorry) BUT to be constructive… i ****ed up once and accidentally took an sti lever apart (i thought i was undoing a different allen bolt, not the main assembly one), and though it was a **** to get back together, because the springs are tightly coiled etc etc, i did it after about an hour...
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    Road bike handlebar comfort issue

    i'm interested that you find too much weight being placed on the web between the thumb and finger. when i ride the heel of my hand takes the weight and that is placed on the curved part of the top of the bar and the thumb and forefinger wrap either side of the hoods. but truly it sounds far more...