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    Help - Specialized Roubaix Comp vs. Orbea Onix

    My situation is somewhat unique. I have been riding for 13 years until I hurt my back. I stopped riding for a year and a half and bought the Roubaix to get back into cycling. If I didn’t have a bad back, it would have taken me much shorter time to get back into shape to tackle the hills. You...
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    Help - Specialized Roubaix Comp vs. Orbea Onix

    I vote for the Specialized Roubaix. I also live in the very hilly San Francisco bay area. I bought the Specialized Roubaix Pro and switched out to an FSA compact double because of all the hills in this area. I ride up Pinehurst, skyline, Tilden park, Wildcat canyon, 3 bears, etc. and the compact...
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    Another beautiful ride RUINED by )(&*&%$ CLIPLESS PEDALS!!!

    Your legs look really pale (and bloody) in the photos you posted. Mine already have a nice tan line going by biking one day a week. You need to get out more often:p
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    Lance is Retiring

    I was listening to the radio and just heard that Lance is retiring after the 2005 TDF. Can't blame him with two young kids and Sheryl. I would rather be spending some quality time with them than be on the road competing against a bunch of other guys trying to see who is the fastest in crappy...
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    New to high-end bikes, what to get?

    I don't think I would consider a $2,000 bike a high end road bike. I think a high-end road bike is in the $3,000-$5,000 range. Anyway, how about the Specialized Roubaix Elite Double for $2,200?
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    Modolo Curvissima KX Carbon bar

    I am interested in replacing my steel bar with the Modolo Curvissima KX Carbon bar. Does anyone have it and recommend it? I am looking for an comfortable light ergonomic carbon bar that has a short reach and was wondering if this fit the bill?
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    Anyone have the Bontrager Race X Lite Carbon OS Bar?

    I have a Specialized Roubaix Pro and am considering this Bontrager bar because it has a short 75mm reach. I am looking for an ergonomic carbon bar with a short reach. I looked at the specs for Easton, Kestral, FSA, 3T, Specialized, etc. and all of them have longer reaches. I like having the...
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    Which wheel set Dura Ace or Kysrium SL

    I saw this on the new Shimano WH-7801 Carbon wheels::D DuraAce During the Tour, teams like Rabobank tested a new carbon wheel from Shimano (WH-7801 Carbon). From that came a 1,300 gram pair of wheels (570g front, 730g rear) with Shimano-quality durability. Strength was not compromised to...
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    Shimano Compact 50/36?

    The bike specs specify a Dura-Ace 53/39 but does not specifically specify a Dura-Ace 50/36. It only gives you an option to get 50/36 gearing. My guess is that you can get a Bontrager Race X Lite Carbon 50/36 as an option.
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    Roubaix Pro

    Hey OC roadie, I used to live in Fountain Valley, but I now live in the Bay Area. I could never find any fountains or valleys BTW;) I feel sorry for you though. OC is not the greatest area for road biking with lots of aggressive traffic, stop lights and basically flat terrain. Supergo on...
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    Kestrel, Cannondale, or Trek

    I wouldn't get any of those brands. I just got a Specialized Roubaix Pro and love it. It is stiff carbon and comfortable for long rides. Check it out.
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    What's the best price for Dura Ace or Record Group Sets?

    I also just bought the Roubaix Pro on sale at Mike's Bikes in San Francisco. It was on sale for $3,250, but I did the following upgrades/part switches: -FSA Carbon Pro Elite Compact crankset 50/34 -Dura Ace 12/27 cassette -FSA Platinum Pro Ti bottom bracket -Fitzik Arione saddle -Specialized...
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    Specialized Roubaix Pro versus new Trek Madone

    "My only concern on the Roubaix is the lack of a third chainring. The riding I do in CO may prove a bit challenging. My thinking was that I would have to lose a couple of pounds off my fat *** and just get stronger." I just bought a Roubaix Pro and was also concerned about a double in steep...
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    Look Keo Carbon Cleat Mounting Questions?

    Hey, I just bought the Look Keo Carbon pedals and want to install the cleats onto Shimano R151 Carbon soled shoes. These are my first "road" shoes coming from a mountain biking background, so sorry for my ignorance. The Look instructions talk about putting an "abrasive sticker" between the...
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    Kryptonite Evolution 2000 U- Lock hacked by a Bic pen

    I ran across this news article on this lock (or lack thereof). Even though I don't own this lock, I thought I would warn those who do have it. Be sure to check out the video, which is very funny until you realize that your $5,000 bike can be stolen in a matter of seconds with a Bic pen ;(...