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    Bread and Carbohydrates

    Only if you toast it to black charcoal, regular toasting won't make any difference to the carb amount.
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    Scotland hailed as best international mountain bike destination

    And British Columbia is 12 times larger than Scotland with less people so we have much more room for trails :)
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    Cadence question

    It's best to slowly increase in steps. Try a going up to 85 and when you're comfortable with that go up to 90. It took me around 2-3 weeks at each higher cadence before I felt OK. Also check your saddle height, if you're bouncing it might be too high.
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    Does Vancouver have a good road and XC race scene?

    Road racing yes, cross country not sure. Most of the mountain bikers I know seem to be into downhill. As for the winter snow seldom happens in Vancouver, maybe 2-3 days a year. Rain is a different story. From Nov to March it rains quite a lot. Temperature in the winter is usually 5-10 celsius...
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    Summer season here... how do you combat the heat?

    Move to Canada, we got parts where it's -40, no problem with heat here :)
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    How Will Bush Leave?

    Like most politicians he's too arrogant to resign, he'll finish his term. And I heard Jeb's thinking of running in '08, to keep it in the family :)
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    Compoter wheel size calibration question?

    Increase, I think. The computer counts the wheel revs per time period and I guess multiplies this by the inputed size, so if you increase the input you should get a bigger number. You can always do a roll test by sitting on the bike and measuring how far it goes with one wheel revolution. That...
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    Washing Camelbak knapsack part

    I've washed mine a few times. Just get a sinkful of warm water with some mild laundry soap, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, rinse very well and hang to dry. I try to do it on a hot day in the summer so I can hang it outside, but inside in a warm place would work too.
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    Shifting question

    It's difficult to try and figure out the problem without seeing it, but check these 2 websites, they might help you. They have lots of maintenance info
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    Cleat/Shoe Question

    If you can take the insoles out and remove the plates
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    "Bling" is moronic.

    It might be a waste of money to us but most of those music 'stars' and athletes have more money than they know what to do with, so let them spend it, it's good for the economy.
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    DOOR'ed and ******

    I hate to say this but when dealing with insurance companies get a lawyer. Most insurance companies don't like to pay out money and will make it as difficult as possible for you to get compensated. They all have lawyers, so fight fire with fire.
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    college girl looking for the perfect bike. mountain/hybrid?!

    I've never tried the fit kit, but the measurements should apply to all bikes. There's a few internet sites where you can plug in some body measurements and get the recommended bike size, like this one The most important thing is to try...
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    college girl looking for the perfect bike. mountain/hybrid?!

    There's not really a perfect bike that will do all you want, you're going to have to buy two, or three :D . Bikes don't like to be home alone, they should always have other bikes for company. To be more serious a hybrid would definitely be better on the road. Less effort and faster. As for...
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    spoke quality

    If you're breaking spokes that often I would replace them all. I only use DT or Wheelsmith spokes to build wheels and have never had a problem.