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    Do you need some equipment for cycling???

    where is the report as SPAM button?
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    How Cold and Wet Does It Have To Be Before you Cancel A Bike Ride?

    good winter care means washing the chain in kerosene, keeping you bike indoors but try to shake as much of the snow off it first... I give my bike a hot shower about once a week too... Dont take a wet bike out in -5'C or below make sure it is dry... you dont want your break cables to freeze...
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    Sram force shifting problems

    I got my LBS to replace the cables, cable casings and the chain and now it is lot bettor but still not what I expect to be good, i.e.not quite a good as my rival shifters it is still "hard" to shift up... I will do the swap the real derailleur to see if things get bettor, I hope I time...
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    Sram force shifting problems

    did you warranty thought the shop you purchased your shifters or did you go directly to sram?
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    105 vs. Rival

    As I always say if you have other Shimano bike the parts are interchangeable so keep to shimano, if you have sram on your other bikes and the part are interchangeable then keep to sram.. (and the same with Campa..) If you are new to the game then see what is most easily available where you...
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    Sram force shifting problems

    I have 2 bike one with Sram rival (model 2007) and one with Sram Force (model 2009). The rival bike has always been a dream and never had any issues but the bike with force is very touchy and and I have had major shifting problems with it. Keeping the shifting true is almost impossible and...
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    Proper chain cleaning

    Well the winters here are mixed rain and snow on a almost daily basis and the summers are just wet... Well with my "ritual" I get about 8-10k km from my cassetes and crank rings and 3 chains which is about a year, without about 4-6K Kms if I am luck.. 3 chains are cheap compared to cassettes...
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    Advice on crankset

    170mm cranks usually suit the average sized person.. Use one of the cranks length calculators on the net to help you find what is most suitable for you.
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    Advice on crankset

    Remember be very careful when you choose the crank length.. Too long and you can damage your knees. Most common available at bike shops for some reason are 172.5mm cranks but most people need 170mm cranks (or shorter) and most bikes are sold with 170mm cranks. Check what you have before...
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    SRAM Rival and Shimano Ultegra

    The is not real difference except that rival should be compared to 105 instead of Ultregra. I would compare Force and Ultegra so then you can compare red and dura-ace... :) What you should think about is do you have more than one bike, then stick the the same brand over all your bikes so you...
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    Proper chain cleaning

    This is my 2 cents on how to maintain a chain properly. I simply have several chain.. Once every 2 or 3 week (or after a longer ride in the wet) I remove the chain from the bike and drop it in a can filled with 60% kerosine and 40% good synthetic motor oil and leave it there until I need it...
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    frequent crank brother pedal bearing failures.

    I checked with CB and they admit that their pedals are prone to failure and recommend a rebuild in my case every 4 to 6 months and to grease them monthly..... But they have addressed the bearing issue with their line of pedals..
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    frequent crank brother pedal bearing failures.

    I have been using crank brother pedals now for the last few years (both candy and egg beaters) and I frequently have total bearing failure on the right pedal. (all three of my pedals have failed in a period of 9 months). If there any way to avoid this or possible predict this before the fact?
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    Muscles cramps

    After a heavy ride I sometimes get bad muscle cramps in my legs after the ride even thought I stretch and fill up with water after. What is the best way to avoid these?