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    snot rocket is also useful for attacking younger brothers or sister :D
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    new new web page (go to this 1 not the other 1)

    how old is this forum?
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    New Rider

    thts 4 road riding tho isnt it?
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    New Rider

    I have been riding for about 2 months now and have been racing for a while to, i am currently in the youth catagory (12 - 16) and i am 14, the only thing is the people my age and slightly younger seem to beat me lol. i am just wondering what kind of training i would need to do to get up to their...
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    Does the body remember

    well you will definately be better off starting again now rather than if you had nether cycled b4
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    Whos the oldest member of this forum?

    Whos the oldest member of this forum?, its not me cus im only 14
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    Youngest rider on the forums?

    bum, i turn 15 on august 13th :( at least im the third youngest, i think
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    What was your most memorable ride?

    well i cudda been the one i had last night as it was in the middle of a thunder storm, i cant be botherd to write about it again so go to and go onto forum and you should be able to find it
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    do you pee off your bike?

    well i was in the middle of a race before and the guy in front stopped in my way and went for a **** on the track so i 2 go off the track to prevent being ****** on
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    im from northampton, uk i ride about 50miles a week (30ish km) with my club and race on fridays i also ride another 20 miles without the club
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    5 best mountain bike towns?

    the peek district is cool
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    Knee Pain (again) - please help

    Try mooving your saddle, you should be able to put one foot on the peddle when it is at the lowest position and just be able to stand up without touching the seat
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    Painful Sholders

    well im swimming a lot this week with school, but whats a cardio workout?
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    24hr racing

    you also could do with a pit team if you can get one to sort ur bikes up and make tee n stuff for when your back/ wake up for your lap
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    new new web page (go to this 1 not the other 1)

    cummon lol i need more votes than that