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    Advice on touring tyres..

    Hands, plural, being the operative word... :eek:
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    advice on purchasing a new entry level roadie?

    lol, been riding to work and back only. Tried riding 50+k at a time and nearly fell off the bike with boredom. Buying my first home too, which sapps heaps of time. I visit the crits at nth Wyong with my staffie pup and I am considering bringing my POS bike out for fun. Will try and get...
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    Advice on touring tyres..

    I would have thought if you were a good enough rider to ride across Aus, you'd have enough experience to know what tyre to use... Or am I being a ****? :eek:
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    advice on purchasing a new entry level roadie? Felt have good comparison pricing as they only put the quality into the important things and taper off to ordinary for the rest of the componentry. Wait for this Felt F75 to go on special or negotiate changing some items for...
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    Road bike tyre reviews

    Because I ride to work and back only, I went for the cheapest name brand tyres I could find. I went the Hutchison training tyre on special and it was great, until the edges started to crack and I have no idea why... Now I have Conti Ultrasports. Again, cheapies, but I luv em... Corneringis...
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    Its obvious these forums have been moderatorless for a long time. I hear a mod may jump on now and then, but more then than now... (wtf?) Anyhow, what can we do about it? I'm sick of adds selling nokia phones and firestarter threads... :mad:
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    Damn Cycling

    Sex! and boy, is he angry! :eek:
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    Bum Ache !!

    mwahahahaha... only after you turn 50... ooops, did I say that out aloud? :eek: But seriously... when I check saddles on ebay, every one pictured with a cutout seems to be a ladies one... Maybe he's getting sore due to being a guy riding a lady's specific saddle?
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    Tire Direction

    Should say direction on the side, if not, I imagine they are not uni-directional...
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    Where can I find a on-line expert opinion on Record v's DA v's Force

    You're gunna get nuthin but arguements here about that. That question is a green light for fightin words to follow... Are all the 2007 components available now? You know shimano and campy camps stay that way? That means even if their kit has shortcomings, which they all do, they'll still...
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    Bum Ache !!

    Lots of ladies saddles have a cut out too... maybe they are really for hermaphridites? :eek:
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    Too Old For Carbon! Too Young To Die! Any Steel Bikes Left?

    Bianchi Pinella XL Boron '06 as posted here
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    Bum Ache !!

    Depending on the size and shape of your bum, you may be sitting on the fleshy part of your bum, mistakingly thinking that will offer more comfort. Techinically, if your sitbones are situated correctly on the saddle, there should be no flesh between the seat and the bones, or very very little...
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    Anyone Using SPD-SL's

    I have them right under the ball of my foot which means they are pretty much as far rearward as they will go on the carnac shoes. They are in the perfect position and don't stress out any muscle in particular, but I do notice that I can make certain muscles work out more by forcing them to. If...
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    It's official!!!

    Ya, I grew up with both, finishing school in 1981 and going into college for a trade qualification in 1982 they taught us both metric and imperial. The only reason I usually go imperial for height is because its still globally accepted, yet when you go to a gym or doctor, most times they'll...