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    Best equipment for a beginner?

    Well, I highly recommend you to prepare a toolbox with all the tools you're going to be use in any case, wrenches, pliers, maybe an air pump just in case any of your tires loses their air, I do no really know too much about your bike but when it comes to wrenches I use the 15mm, 1/2 ", 10mm...
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    Been given an old road bike

    The only things that I personally think you can still use is the frame, handlebar and some other little parts, you might wanna change the tires, plastic parts, maybe the chain is looking bad, or yo ucan just clean all those parts or paint them with some spray paint, there are many things you can...
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    Should i change this tyre pre-emptively?

    Well, I personally think that it still has around 20 - 30% of life, however I would recommend you to change it right ahead, seems like it will suddenly blow up soon, change it.
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    Launchers for Android?

    Well, I personally do not like downloadin that kind of addons to my phone because they somehow make it go slower than normal and that seems to be kinda annoying to me, then no, I do not like any kind of launcher.
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    College is just too expensive nowadays!

    Well, I have to say that the University where I am currently studying in is public and I do not have to pay anything but I still have to spend a lot of money on tools and transport, I consider myself lucky at least.
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    Hey there, we're glad to have you here, hopefully you enjoy your stay here!! WELCOME! and happy riding!
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    Buying bikes on craigslist

    I woulddefinitely buy anything from craigslist because you never know who is the person that you're buying the items to and it seems kinda dangerous for me, however, every time I needto buy something I jsut save up the money and go to my local store and buy whatever I need, that is my opinion...
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    The carmichael tcc training...

    If you really feel like doing it then just go ahead and doit, you can also add or modify some exercises in order to make iti easier or more difficult for you, it is a great routine, I think yes, it might work for what you're looking for, you definitely should try it.
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    Bikes and beer.

    Bikes and beers connected? I do not think so, Alcohol has always been bad when it comes to working out or exercising, it should not be considered good in this case, where did you hear that ?
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    When are you gonna die?

    Saturday MArch 23 2083, what the actual freak is that? ahahaha
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    What are your thoughts on bikejoring?

    I personally love this forum because I learn a lot of stuff every single day I come in it. This isthe first time I hear about bikejoring, I personally think that it is something amazing if you wanna take your dogs with you when riding your bike, it is also good for them because they will be...
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    Furthermore an opportunity to simply take a seat

    Looking good, will give it a try to see what is the deal with it, thanks for sharing.
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    Should i give up rugby and give way for cycling?

    If you actually have the mannersto switch to cycling then go ahead and do it , if I were you I woulddefinitely do it no doubts,
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    What was your longest ride?

    My longest ride was of about 5 hours on my way to a friend's house in another state, such a good experience.
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    Best quality helmet to buy for cycling?

    Holy jesus I dod not really know about that, matter fact I was already looking to buy some new gear this month, thansk for the information though.