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    Thinking of entering a Dualathon

    Thanks Charlie.... I like the advice about having a plan and studying past results. I've been reading an old book called "Lactate Threshold Training". It's by a dutch scientist and it basically centers around HR and not going over your threshold too soon. I like the idea, and may be...
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    Thinking of entering a Dualathon

    My spelling has been terrible lately, and people have been letting me know it! Thanks for the pointers. I do plan to put 6 days a week into it. In fact, I'm looking at a 3-5 mile run in a few hours.
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    Thinking of entering a Dualathon

    Hello folks, Well, the title says it all, doesn't it? I'd like some help working out a program. So let me fill you in on the details: 1. I am thinking (only thinking at this point) of entering the Hagerstown #1 and/or #2 dualathon next year. That gives me 13 - 18 months to train...
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    Big hill catagory

    Thanks folks!
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    Big hill catagory

    Hello, There's a big hill close to me that I'm thinking of takling sometime soon to see if I can do it. it's 1.8 miles long and rises 365 feet. It's going to be a tough one! I've read an old thread on this board concerning how to figure out hill catagories but I couldn't make heads...
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    Jerseys, shoes and other cycling bits

    Can't help with the clipless pedals yet.... I haven't used any. I'm looking into some of the eggbeaters, but I haven't tried them yet. Cycling clothing I can help with. My bike is the only transportation I have, so I have ridden in all kinds of weather: rain, sun, 15 degrees and 100...
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    Books on Maintenance and repair

    I rented "The Bicycling Guide To Complete Bicycle Maintenance and Repair" (5th ed) from the library. Love it! I got 2 others but haven't looked at them yet. I have to get more knowledgable about repairs and such.... The big problem I am having is because I own a Schwinn Tourist, the owners...
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    Anyone here using MapMyRide?

    I use it every day for all of my rides and I love it. I'm a stat junkie and I like having the numbers logged for me. It's improved quite a bit in that I think it's a bit more accurate than before too. There's been times when it has logged me as having MPH up to 70! I wish!!! Now, it seems...
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    Going out now, because I don't feel like it.

    You the man!!!! I've been there before with cycling and types of training. Sometimes motivation don't come until after you get into it. But I've never had sushi and don't want to.
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    Buy cheap entry bike, add better parts?

    I'm happy someone asked that question and someone answered. I'm hoping to get a new bike soon and was going to be in the position of asking the same question.
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    Cycle commute or into town?? Counts as training mileage or no?

    I use mapmyride.... Yep, it counts. I'd rather go on long hard rides, but I journal everything. Right now, I'm trying to win a Trek bike so I do log everything and I have to drink chocolate milk. I'm not a big fan of chocolate milk, but I want that bike! Log everything.... Every ride is a...
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    2013 Tour of California

    I'm semi new to cycling and am just starting to follow pro cycling.... I found this photo of the Tour of California. It's of stage 2, but Peter Sagan won stage 8 and I couldn't find a photo of that yet.... He looks happy! Ya know, winning isn't everything nor is it the only...
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    What do you do in the winter if you have an urge to go biking?

    Since I don't have a car and still have to work, I dress for it and ride! Its not as bad as I thought it would be when I first went out in 15-17 degrees as I dressed appropriately. Two pair of thermal tights, wool socks about 4 layers on my upper body, etc... About the only weather I haven't...
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    Cranksets question

    I appreciate all the advice, folks! The bike Campybob mentioned is the one I have and it seems silly to pour alot of money into one that only cost $230-250. I was looking to upgrade to a better bike. I thought I was going to come into some money to do that, but it doesn't appear that I...
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    Cranksets question

    I have a Scwhinn Tourist bike. The crankset is 48/38/24 I think. Not sure.... It's a Suntour crankset. I'm thinking of upgrading to a newer bike or at least a new crankset. I see some that are 50/34 and wondering if it's right for me. I also notice that many of the 50/34's are meant for 9...