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    FarSports Carbon Tubular Review

    FarSports/FSE 50mm Carbon Tubular Review This will be my first review so if you have anything you’d like me to cover please let me know. I haven't seen that many formal reviews of Chinese wheels so here is my shot at it: Build Quality: I was thoroughly impressed with how these wheels were...
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    11 speed 14-25 or 14-28 Shimano/Sram cassette?

    Thanks! I decided on using sram force for my junior years so I'll be using Ultegra 6600 cassettes but thanks anyway, I wasn't aware Miche had junior cassettes in 11.
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    11 speed 14-25 or 14-28 Shimano/Sram cassette?

    the spacing might be different but next time I'm in a shop I'll ask, if Marchisio cassettes don't work then putting a 12-28 cassette on and limiting it to the 14 isn't that big of a deal, it's too bad shimano doesn't make 11s junior cassettes, there is a market for it, all the juniors I race...
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    11 speed 14-25 or 14-28 Shimano/Sram cassette?

    I'll try the Marchisio cassettes alienator mentioned, if I can find out how to buy them anyways, if that doesn't work then I'll just pop a 10 speed cassette on there, 14-25 105/ultegra 10 speed is fairly easy to find, thanks for the recommendation alienator! I've never heard of that brand...
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    11 speed 14-25 or 14-28 Shimano/Sram cassette?

    Hey, I'm a U19 racing in Canada and the USA, the biggest gear I'm allowed to run is a 52-14, and I'll be switching to Shimano 11 speed next year from my old 105 as my team gets good deals, I can't seem to find any aftermarket cassettes that come starting with a 14 tooth in 11 speed and my...
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    Schwalbe cross tire volume issue fixed?

    Hey, I was looking at tubulars for my cross bike today and came across the Schwalbe Sammy Slicks, but the main thing I didn't like about the clincher version (from a year or two ago) was the lack of volume (not the only one...
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    Beginner Here w/ Awkward Question

    the saddle might be too thick for you, more padding isn't always the answer, and if its uncomfortable from the get go and not just after riding a bit where does it hurt? you can try tilting it at different angles to relieve that as well
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    How to place wheel decals on rim?

    I think ultremo's are good I had them all last season, they're grippy, fast and ride really nice but they wore fast punctured easily and at 6'3 121 pounds I'm not a heavy guy, I'm now on conti gp4000s
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    wouldnt that just be running speed? its not like the dude you stole it from can chase ya down on his bike
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    Powerbreathe trainer, does it work?

    I only read two sentences of that but just from that you must think that Powerbreathe works better than the proven intervals.... eddy merckx didn't have Powerbreathe did he? Now compare him to any of the athletes now that use Powerbreathe, you figured out my point yet?
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    I don't think it has much to do with spending on equipment, I met a guy on a derosa king 3RS and he was pretty decent in helping out when i got a flat the one time I left my CO2 at home, and I waved to a guy on some old steel beater and he gave me he death glare maybe my marin stelvio just...
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    Chain Oil/Lube

    It's a bit late in the year to be looking at wax lubes isn't it? I guess maybe you live in the warmer parts but wax lubes don't do well in the wet. I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure the bike chains arrive dry as well...
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    Powerbreathe trainer, does it work?

    speaking of placebo that power balance band comes to mind
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    Waxing / Shaving advice: sore backside

    hope the cycle fit session goes well, I was running castelli aero race shorts with a selle san marco aspide and still had pain before i tilted the saddle forward a degree or two, and please tell me you wear the bibs without underwear because thats a huge problem if you do
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    Volagi Bikes

    the brakes are avid bb7's so mechanical, i'm hoping they go hydraulic because of hydrauilics having better modulation, maybe with elixirs or juicys from avid