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    should i grease my carbon seatpost or not????

    CF and aluminum bond in a wonderful and permenant fashion after a period of time if not greased. I'm talking to the point of having to destroy either the post or the frame to separate them. It's that old galvanic reaction thing. Use grease, if only a little, and it will save you a major...
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    Is "light weight" carbon wheel not strong enough for a hard braking?

    You are absolutely right. That wheel was being braked very hard and was turned hard just before it folded up. I think almost any wheel would fold up given the same set of circumstances, dog, or not.
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    Is "light weight" carbon wheel not strong enough for a hard braking?

    Not even close. Next time you look at any set of Kysriums you should notice that they are alloy, not carbon, as you have stated. As for "better", you may have noticed that stages 9 and 11 of the Tour were won by Barloworld team members and they are running on Mavic R-Sys and Cosmic...
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    Mavic Kyserium Rebuild

    Yes, you can get it done. Have your local Mavic dealer return it to the Mavic Service Center. They will rebuild from the hub out with new spokes and rim, to factory specs. Your local dealer should be able to quote the cost for you.
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    pedal or cleat ?????

    Good advice. It seems like a lot of people think that pedals are maintenance free. They're not. People that ride MTB's in harsh environments find this out pretty quickly. A little bit 'o lube helps a lot.
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    Ksyrium Elite 18 spoke front whl squirrelly?

    Since all Mavic wheels are covered by a 2 year warrantee for defects, you should take it to your Mavic dealer and have them get it fixed.
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    Need suggestions for a waterproof backpack

    I commute and use a CamelBak. They make nice waterproof covers and I just throw it on when it's raining. No direct link, so go: > sports-recreation > accessories > additional parts then, scroll over to "Rain covers" -- there are two sizes and...
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    Best Kind of Bike Rack?

    Oh, I know there are many, many people using roof top racks. That being said, I know that I am one of many, many people who will occasionally be a bit absent minded. I'm just saying that any bike shop can tell you multiple stories of people who "just forgot it was up there". It...
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    Best Kind of Bike Rack?

    I like the Graber Backpacker. It's a hitch mounted rack that does not use the top tube to secure the bike. It's very similar to many roof top racks. It requires removal of the front wheel. It locks to the front fork and the rear wheel. Here's an ad for one...
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    New Mavic R-SYS wheels

    The spokes are tubular carbon! I'm not sure what you mean by "rigid", but they are tubes. Pretty cool stuff ;-)
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    Frequent Punctures problem - New Bike

    I apologize if the following proceedure is what you are already doing to diagnose your problem. It does appear to me that your approach is not as rigorous as the following, but I could be wrong about that. I hope this helps you find your problem: You need to start relating -...
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    Where to fix a puncture?

    I always carry about 6' of fine nylon cord in my bike bag. If I flat I tie a knot around the seatpost and then wrap the cord around the nearest utility pole or tree, holding the part of the bike missing a wheel off the ground. That way I (almost) always have a bike stand wherever I ride...
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    Replacing plastic part on Shimano SPD-SL pedals

    Here's a link to the service instructions for that pedal: As you will see, that plastic piece is described as "consumable" and should be replaced when any part of it wears through...
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    02 Mavic Kysrium ssc or brand new Easton Circuits on Cervelo Soloist Team?

    That link is for routine freehub servicing. Both front and rear hubs have cartridge bearings that are interference fit. They can be driven out with a drift punch and a hammer and then replaced using a press or hammer with an appropriate size socket (careful!). You can get bearings from...
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    02 Mavic Kysrium ssc or brand new Easton Circuits on Cervelo Soloist Team?

    FWIW, Mavic hubs are simple to service: Your SSC's may be slightly different, but the basic design has not changed for a long time. Very simple. If you can't get the Mavic lube, Phil's Tenacious works fine.