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    Hole in knick.

    Wait -- do you think the hole was there when you bought them or did you wear them and fall? Is the hole next to a seam? If you haven't worn them, the shop should absolutely make an exchange. If they refuse, I would email Pearl Izumi and explain the situation. If you wore them and a hole just...
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    Help us pick a Woman's first road bike

    I am 5'2" with longer legs and a short torso which is typical for women. I am riding a Trek Pilot 50 cm which fits perfectly. I tried a friend's 47 cm or 48 cm frame and it was too small. So alot will has to do with the individual's proportion. The Pilots are a little more comfortable for...
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    What's your favorite shoe?

    I love my Sidi Dominators! While yes, they are said to be narrow, I am perfectly comfortable and my feet are far from narrow. I wear a 6.5 US shoe and a 38.5 Dominator. Other brands I have tried have been a 38. Yes, they are expensive, approximately 200+ US but you can find some sales if you...
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    Anyone from NYC?

    There are several bike clubs in NYC and N. NJ. Why don't you consider riding with one of the clubs? Just do a google for "bike club NYC" They offer many nice routes and group rides that are both challenging and fun.
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    SHOES: mens or womens specific?

    I also have little feet. I wanted a good mountain bike shoe and was a little frustrated that most of the manufacturers only offered their lower line models for women. Sidi was one of the only ones that offered their higher line (Dominator) in both women and men's sizes. I wanted a stiff, high...
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    new to biking, need advice

    I would like to reiterate that the fit of the bike is THE MOST IMPORTANTfact to consider when purchasing a bike. Generally speaking, a bike with better components will be lighter, easier to ride and of course, more expensive. In your price range, you may want to consider looking for a used bike...
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    650C vs. 700C wheels - Need advice

    If you are "small" you most likely will need a WSD bike. There are several on the market. Some have 650s and other 700s. The Specialized Dolce and Trek Pilot bikes both have 700s. Check Cannondale and Bianchi's WSD bikes. Giant has an X-small frame. The size frame you need depends on how tall...
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    Italian road/touring bike

    I hope you get as much pleasure from your bike as I have gotten from mine!
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    Questions about changing gears!

    There is a lot of information on Sheldon Brown's website about changing gears. I think you will find his article helpful. Go to the following URL:
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    Italian road/touring bike

    You don't necessarily need 650 wheels. There are other factors that will dictate the size of the bike you need like whether the bike has a compact or semi-compact frame, a sloping top tube, the length of the top tube, etc. I am 5'2" (maybe a tad under) with a 71.5 cm inseam (that measurement...
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    Lights for My Bike

    I will be going on some group rides in the early evening. In the event that we don't get back before sundown, I want to have a light available. Our rides will primarily be along roads where there is lighting. Even if I went for an early evening ride by myself, I would go where there were street...
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    I'm looking for a good pair of sunglasses. As a contact lens wearer, I am particularly interested in glasses where I can change to a clear or yellow lens when it is not particularly sunny. I have seen the Oakley half jackets but are not thrilled with the nose piece but they do fit. The Rudy...
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    650C vs. 700C wheels - Need advice

    Well my Trek Pilot 50 is great!! It has been a little cold here on the East Coast so I haven't gotten in that much riding time. She's just aching to fly -- I can tell. It is going to be a great summer of riding.:)
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    Usenet change

    What happened to the women's forum? Is it gone or do I not have permissions to view the threads? I applied last week.
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    650C vs. 700C wheels - Need advice

    I actually picked up my bike from the shop last night! :) I did not ride it home as I also bought a car rack and it was dark. I rode it for 2 minutes but I just know it's gonna be a great ride! I had to go to work today but couldn't help staring at my new beautiful bike before I left. Sunday...