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    Poor man's Powercranks? (PPC)

    exactly I agree, people have unrealistic expectations from scientific studies.
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    Poor man's Powercranks? (PPC)

    Everyone knows armstrong uses a higher cadence. It doesn't have to be in the mountains. Its in the flats in the time trials, everywhere. That does not mean that in the mountains he is spinning 100+rpm. What it means is that he usually used a HIGHER cadence than the riders next to him. If he was...
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    Hill Climbs - Stand up? or sit down?

    There is actually a formula for which is better for climbing, sitting or standing. Here it is If hight in Inches is greater than weight in Kilos. Stand If hight is Inches is less than weight in Kilos. Stay seated. Take your height in Inches. so if you are 6 ft tall, your number is 72. If...
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    Poor man's Powercranks? (PPC)

    This is a really good point. I didn't think about it in that way. But i also think that its important to know that some things work for some people and not others. Like for me i don;t really think powerCranks improved my performance, but that does not mean that some of the benefits that...
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    Poor man's Powercranks? (PPC)

    This is an extremely stupid comparison and insulting to anyone who has personally suffered from lung cancer or knows someone who has. I don't really know how smoking and a cycling gadget can be used in the same sentence. All I am saying its best to try before judging them. maybe if you try...
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    Poor man's Powercranks? (PPC)

    I don't really know why people are always so inclined to defend power cranks or attack them. People don't apply the same type of scrutiny to the supplement pills they take, the tires people add to their bikes, the clothing they wear, or other things that can significantly effect how fast you go...
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    Threshold Power Intervals on the trainer

    its a little counter intuitive but doing threshold work isn't the best way to imporove your threshold. they best way to do it is long rides. Back in base phase i imporved my threshold 25 watts doing nothing but base work. Seriously, my heart rate didn't go over 140bpm for 3 months (except...
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    Litespeed `06

    anyone know anything about the new generation of litespeeds? Especially the blade. I heard from the LBS that the 05 blade model is "better." Any thoughts? thanks
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    standard aero wheel v. HED 3

    Which wheel (for the front) is faster for a 40k tt? (I'm thinking of building up a litespeed blade.)
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    Where can i get EPO

    ;-) :-) you opened the link!
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    Where can i get EPO

    Where can i get/order epo from?
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    your pictures of races.

    can any of you guys share some pics of yourselves racing? that would be cool.
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    DA worth it?

    the ultergra is 9 speed from like 2 years ago. i don;t really kno how i want to invest the money into a bike.
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    Your personal best top speed?

    top speed: 6 mph sprinting downhill.
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    DA worth it?

    I have a litespeed siena with full untegra. I want to upgrade the parts. Should i put on DA? i race and i ride about 300 miles a week. so is it worth it?