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    In 2011, what is base and how do you build it?

    It's an interesting topic for discussion, but I'm going to first debate the premise a little in that I don't think our understanding of human performance has increased all that much in the last several decades. Despite all of the new technology, the funding and quality test subjects available...
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    Rear facing crit video

    Awww.... I was hoping to see video of someone sitting backwards on the handlebars of a fixie, racing a crit.
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    What to do when cycling on a road that has no shoulder?

    Depends upon how much traffic there is on that road. For a low-traffic road where cars will not typically have to wait for a break in the opposing traffic in order to use the other lane to get around you, I'd take enough room to be comfortable that I'm not going to be impeded by junk on the...
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    Crit Breakaway Tactics

    The only "you didn't work, so don't sprint" situation which I would consider valid is where you contribute to the best of your ability for a while, but get to the point where you can only hang on and the other riders extend the courtesy of riding at an even tempo in order to keep you hooked up...
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    Cycleops Pro400 distance/speed error (defined)

    I guess if you're going to have systemic distance reporting errors, an indoor, stationary product line would be the place to have them.
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    Cycleops Pro400 distance/speed error (defined)

    Interesting. There's definitely some weirdness in that excel file. For example, in rows 65 - 72 where distance change is 0 but there's a 20.2 km/h speed spike in the middle and then in row 73 where the speed starts up again the distance change "catches up" even though the speed for that...
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    Kurt Kinetic power curve too high?

    There is some resistance shift as the temperature heats up, but I'd expect that at least part of what you're seeing has to do with the length and power during your 'warmup' phase. That's a pretty low starting temp and you'd need to get the unit up around 120F or so before it's really consistent...
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    Kurt Kinetic power curve too high?

    First of all, you need to be aware that there is a longtime typo on the KK website in the road machine power equation, which now seems to have made its way into the computer instruction manual. The Road Machine curve fits much better to P=S^3*0.019168+S*5.24482 than it does to...
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    Aerobar Mount for PT CPU?

    Extensions far apart to accomodate that powerlifter chest and shoulders I see. Too bad..... My PT CPU's too wide to even fit all the way down between my aero extensions.
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    any good rides out of Carlsbad, Ca Type Carlsbad, CA into the search box and behold!
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    whatever happened to TT bikes with the small front wheels?

    Too much of an advantage since it allowed the riders to be riding downhill all the time.
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    Some states have provisions for vehicles to safely proceed through a malfunctioning or non-functioning traffic light after waiting through 2 complete cycles of the light. This would apply for cars as well as bikes if the turn arrow fails to change to green.
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    Stop Signs and Bicyclists

    Even if it isn't in the DMV codes, police officers had been enforcing it as if it is a requirement. Just another reason to have specific laws for cycling so that the police know what the heck they are doing as relates to bike-car interactions. Swampy, I'm not asking for a protective bubble...
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    Stop Signs and Bicyclists

    Wow, that it awesome and a real victory for Mass. cyclists. Congrats! I know of similar efforts/wins in other states, but nothing of that magnitude. I really hope that can be leveraged to influence all states to re-visit the issue. Efforts like that arise from these kinds of discussions...
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    Stop Signs and Bicyclists

    Sorry, I was referring to the case of a 4-way stop with traffic in all directions. My experience is that overly delaying my entry into the intersection (by unclipping) tends to encourage the cross traffic to rush through while I'm still trying to roll off. When there are left-turners as well...