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    Fastest Speed on the Flats--NO WIND

    after reading this thread i pushed myself today on a flat and hit 30mph, was pleasantly surprised. leads me to a question though. pretty sure last i checked my ride is 52/12, but i might be a tad off on that info. now, even going down a good long hill, i max at about 37mph, and before i reach...
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    How do you tackle a hill?

    this is exactly how I tackle em.. but i'm 3lbs/inch *neener*
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    Do you listen to music while cycling?

    I use my mp3-capable cell phone to listen to tunes (mix of techno and metal) while i'm riding. The speakers I use are the earbud kind that you stick in your ear. I put the cord down the inside of my shirt, so if I have to pop the speakers out they'll just dangle a bit (not far enough to get...