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    How did you...

    Started cycling seriously after a leg injury when I was 17 (dislocated both knees) so took up cycling for strength work once the leg had healed found I quite enjoyed riding so after a year of unstructured training did a lab test. Where I found I had a certain knack for this cycling thing hence...
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    TT training

    I recommend contacting this man Paul Oz about buying his time trialling guide lots of helpful information. As well as the usual training rides I do 4x2 mile intervals at 30+ mph with 3 minutes rest and 2x10 minute at race pace with 3 min...
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    Quality of miles vs. Quantity of miles

    I personally find that quality miles are better for the type of racing I do which are mainly time trials mostly 10 miles at the moment. A typical training ride for me would be around 22 miles averaging 19-20 mph for the first half then increasing my speed to 21-23 mph for the second half.
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    Aero bars causing pain on groin area

    Bringing the saddle forward will help wouldn't recommend tilting the saddle down though. Your best bet is to have a level saddle that way you be in a familar position to the rode bike and therefore more powerful (I think). Try using plenty of chamois cream that might help.
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    My Program - Where do threshold workouts fit?

    I'm aiming at similar races as well mostly the 10 mile time trial my weeks training plan goes like this Monday is a weights session Tuesday 4x5min reps above anerobic threshold with 2 mins rest in between each Wednesday is an easy spinning day Thursday is 30min just below lactate...
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    Aerobic vs Anaerobic

    The whole idea of burning more fat in the aerobic zones is true but even though in the anerobic zone you burn less fat you burn more calories so in the end it's best to do anerobic sessions where possible and another good thing is that after anerobic sessions your body will still be burning...
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    Your favourite meal/recipe?

    Usually italian food but invented something today very tasty basically chicken and new potatoes with mayonaise and some dried basil mixed into the mayonaise
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    yay, my first crash

    Lucky my first crash put me in hospital speeding truck narrow country road truck forces me off the road wheel slips on grass verge and my face goes into the headlight of an oncoming car smashed cheekbones nose pushed to one side and jaw broken in several places i was told that i got up straight...
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    Changes to the Highway Code, Affecting our right to cycle on road.

    I am sending you this as the consultation process for amendments to the Highway Code. Included are proposed amendments to the rules covering cycling. Closing date for comments is May 1, I think. Rule 58 is expanded to 'use cycle facilities ... where these are provided' (instead of 'where...
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    For the lads

    Ever noticed that the ball never goes to the centre only to the left and right must admit it took me a while to notice too busy looking at the image going across the screen :D
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    Eating before bed-time

    "A trial from January 2005 found that eating late at night was not associated with weight gain even among people with "night eating syndrome" (see below)." I've provided what i believe to be proof several times already but i can know see it's pointless because this arguement is like the chicken...
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    Eating before bed-time

    Ok let me reword it there is far greater support to the fact that eating before bedtime is not a bad thing compared to it been a bad thing which ive provided examples of and i am arguing on truth because if you actually read the hyperlinks it shows that studies have been done to prove that...
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    Eating before bed-time

    To further prove i'm right
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    Eating before bed-time

    Look i'm right your wrong simple weight gain only happens if you eat your regular meals as well as a meal before bedtime therefore weight gain is expected because you are eating extra calories
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    Eating before bed-time weight gain only comes if you eat your regular meals as well as a meal close to bedtime then weight gain is expected because you are eating more calories.