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    How Often Do You Commute?

    What do you mean kana, you are preparing to make 18 miles per day twice? It's a relatively long distance, but if you don't have many ups and downs it's easily doable.
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    Being Healthy Is A Lifestyle

    Never notice that, but it can get handy for him considering he might be close to 60 no? For me it's not a problem to raise my leg just yet, I am still rather flexible. :p
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    Bike Lanes

    For kids it's super important because they gain confidence riding there. I already use the roads with my older kid, but with the younger I cannot, so the bike lanes really help.
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    Anyone To Cut The Grass?

    It doesn't seem that complex, if you see the front part of the bike was just welded to the lawn mower, it's not that hard.
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    Hobbies Besides To Cycling?

    OK, so this is a little crazy this thread lol. Come on, we should just do what we love and get all the anger out, it works for me, I'm way more relaxed after biking or playing tennis. :)
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    Decreased Sexual Sensation From Cycling

    Actually if I don't over do it after riding I can even feel more stimulated to have sex, it must be related to the adrenalin in the body? If I over do it no though, I am just wasted and want to rest.
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    A Nerd and His New Bike

    Eventually it can be comfortable, it would not be on the top of my list to try, I would rather lay down on the floor to rest for a while if I was just too tired from riding.
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    Training My Kids

    Actually I just want him to have fun. I used to ride with my dad when I was younger, 12 or 13, so he's starting early. I always had that love for biking, it's something that only those who ride can understand.
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    No Wheels

    We can't have always the excellent joke right, but this is an interesting insight as well... :)
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    Cycling Nuns

    LOL, it's an old one, but I love the fact that you registered just to post this joke, good job! :D
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    Which Should I Buy? A Road Bike Or A Mountain Bike?

    Do you really wanna know? :D Yeah, strange way of speaking eventually, maybe I should say I, but if I did it I'd go 100% do the mountain bike. :p
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    Foldable Bikes

    Really shilpa? Actually foldable bikes are more and more common here where I live, but they aren't particularly cheap. I guess that they serve the purpose of fitting in a small space, that is why they are more expensive.
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    What are your major differances between training and riding for fun?

    For me training has to be related with a goal, we are after some competition or a specific time. As for riding for fun, for me it means to go with the flow, just ride when we feel like it.
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    New to Cycling - Seat is KILLING ME!

    I always smile when I see the title for this thread because I had the exact same problems long years ago, but nothing a new seat didn't solve. Sure, the muscles always play a part too, they need to adjust to the new needs of the body.
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    Does Speeding Apply To Cycling?

    I do find hard that DUI is a offense in a private driveway, I mean, it's private, so how can anyone be charged for this if they are in their private property?