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    Please advise: Mavic R Sys Wheelset

    How are you able to post with my user name??? I'm Gemship! I just happened to be browsing this thread and noticed this post and I'm like WTF? Odd post.... somewhat OT and mentions a powertap... I don't even own and have never used a powetap. WTF? I spend hardly any time on this site but...
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    Do you have a bad travel exprience?

    wow what an experience. I have worked with some vietnamese and cambodian people here in the USA and they were all very nice folks. Probably because their parents were bright enough to leave their backwards country. If I were your friend I would of laughed in the silly gooks face if that and or...
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    Why do you ride?

    You're a diabetic? That explains everything, some of the moodiest folks I ever had the pleasure of have diabetes.
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    Which Colnagos are made in Italy and which in Taiwan

    The CR-1 is a pretty light frame aren't Colnago's a little on the piggy side? and then there's the only a two year warranty deal( actually a discussion about that right now across the pond). Of course none of this matters because Colnago's are well made in Italy. :rolleyes:
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    Wanting a Low Maintenance Commuter Bike

    All the suggested tips are good and to add to it I would say ride a singlespeed. They're a little less expensive for the obvious but even still any bike would need the afore mentioned good tips.
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    Since weight means nothing at all........

    How could I forget? You must of missed this thread here where Alienator teases us with his dream machine: Awesome bike, couldn't weigh much more than 14 lbs. If anyone knows no difference in light weight amongst us..... I...
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    Since weight means nothing at all........

    Talk to Alienator. He has a set of Lew's on his Look, nice and areo but he'll be the first to tell you noodlely feel or not they don't make you go any faster. Heck he may even throw in the whole bike as rumor has it the thing is just way too light to be considered a factor in performance :D
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    Ksyrium Elite 2009

    As far as prebuilts go these days I'm digging the Easton EC90SL's. Sporting a claimed wieght around 1200 grams and costing about a 1000 US dollars they seem to be one of the lightest off the shelf wheelsets for the money I've seen. In fact the whole Easton line up seems to have a decent...
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    Who blogs their cycling adventures?

    Cool JT83. I haven't been hanging here much these days but I'll be checking in for that. Looking forward to seeing it. ;)
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    How to clean your drivetrain??

    No doubt that is the best way but it seems a bit labor intensive. So how often would you suggest this route given a bike ridden in dry weather conditions. Say everyr 800 miles more or less?
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    This is How Japanese Take Photos

    very funny, thank you for the link. I sent it along to a couple of American photographer friends :)
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    Please advise: Mavic R Sys Wheelset

    That's good to know. I ignorant to costs of nice wheels and always assumed a wheel with power tap to be two or three times that based on my lbs.
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    What is the better way for best chain etc life?

    I always find it interesting how folks relate to replacing chains in a "useful service life". I've never done it although I have twisted a link on a bike I've a couple thousand miles on and because of that the chain skipped. It happened on my commuter, a bungee cord found it's way between the...
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    Would you ever bandit ride?

    I agree it's okay to ride the public roads anywhere, any time. The reason the leader in Indiana lashed out at the bandits is most likely because the bandits were being bandits. I mean its a demonstration/protest on par with troublemaking.Why not just pay up or not participate. Who wants to get...
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    Would you ever bandit ride?

    Wow, somebody bring the popcorn. Seriously everyonce in a while Alien just goes alpha bipolar but after that he gets his meds and plays nice :p