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    6'6'' 260lb beginner looking for bike I won't shatter

    Due to your weight paying extra for a light weight frame is silly. I suggest a steel frame, a used bike from the 70s / 80s would be fine. Spend your money on parts. If you use a derailer consider Phil Wood hubs. You might consider an internally geared hub to reduce maintenance further.
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    Ideal Bike

    If you are willing to accept a smaller wheel size consider a folding bike, they are easier to transport and store: 16" wheels give a rough ride, only for use on smooth roads. Best bike in the world for commuting on busses and trains. Best bike for neighborhood shoping. I have done...
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    Big Gal needs honest answers

    As far as losing weight, bikes are not really good for that. A bike is very efficient at taking your calories and turning them into motion. The problem is you will probably not burn many calories due to efficiency, you might even burn fewer than you consume in Gatoraid. As to bikes an...
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    Best cheap bike for high-speed transportation?

    "reliably take me to and from where I need to go, and do it fast, too" Fast: A bike is not a car. You put your own energy into it, and the bike converts it into foward motion (Kinetic energy). The biggest determinant as to speed is your own athleticism. While some bikes are more efficient...
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    building a Fixed Gear bike

    Not sure, but the picture seems to have vertical not horizontal drop outs. If you are going to buy a new frame make sure it has horizontal, track type, rear dropouts. If you are going to dumpster dive, semi horizontal is good enough.
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    building a Fixed Gear bike

    Sheldon Brown is the best source of wisdom: If your rear dropouts allow the axle to move back and forth, why not build a wheel round a fixed gear/single speed flip flop hub? Once you build and ride it you will be a fixed gear expert. Condider the...
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    Looking to buy...

    Consider a folding bike as they are more practical to transport and store. Downtube, Xooter swift, Dahon, Bike Friday, Birdy, Brompton, Strida are all worth consideration. An internally geared hub may suit you better than a derailer system, see mutliple discussions on various boards...
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    Hummer folding bike

    Montague sells a number of bikes with the same frame type. The CX has a very poor parts package and is in my opinion not worth the money (I am an owner and had to upgrade most every part beyond the fram and handle bars, ultimate cost $850). The Hummer has a decent midrange parts package. The...
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    You can upgrade anything, but sometimes it works out cheaper in time and money if you sell the bike and buy one already set up right. You might consider an internally geared hub.
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    Help with First Build: component questions

    try , see chain line. obviously things like drop out length must be right.
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    No. of Shimano LX incarnations

    try searching eBay, they might have all the generations.
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    Used bike tuning

    Bike products are better matched to bikes, Phil Wood sells the best bicycle grease imo. For the hubs and BB I use auto products myself, so the is no problem. Consider buying a sealed BB. As to the chain, for a commuter you might consider using wax products purchased at the bike shop...
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    Making my bike more efficient???

    Have a local shop look at it. Take a bicycle maintenance course. or If the bike is old the hubs might need overhauling. obvious things: You might turn the bike over and crank the pedals to see if it feels wrong. remove the wheel and see if the axel spins...
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    Inherited a Bike, need help!

    search on [Vitus 979] for details on the bike. Those pedals are LOOK. They are still in business. Any shoe that is LOOK compatible. Otherwise you need to replace the pedals. I personally would be interested in the areas where the tubes meet. Legend has it that the bike is glued not welded...
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    16 y/o looking for a road bike $800-1000

    I'm in the USA so I don't know the Au market. My advice is look into taking a bike repair course and/or getting a job at a bike shop. A little knowledge can amplify the value you get for your money by allot. For example if you knew something about bike repair used bikes would make sense.