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    Specialized Toupe

    Hi Lorri I ended up using a SMP Glider on her bike which is the most comfortable saddle she's used. I'm using the SMP composite which is great even on 200+km rides
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    Cycling Coaches

    Alex Simmons Alex's Cycle Blog
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    Why bar end shifters ?

    I am using Dura-ace 9spd STI on my touring tandem which has done over 13,000kms with no problems. I do carry a bar-end lever in my tool bag just in case. You can use a H/B bag with STI by using rollermajigs where the cable comes out of the brifter. I have an ortleib medium that has done several...
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    Advice on Bike for Touring

    Get a new touring bike. You need to be able to mount panniers and road bikes have short chain stays so your heels will hit the panniers. Shift the panniers to far back over the rear wheel and the balance of the bike changes. Touring bikes typically have a lower bottom bracket to improve handling...
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    Bike rack rentals in Italy?

    the cheapest rack that I have seen that will fit any car is a car tyre inner tube. I've seen a photo of someone carrying their tandem on a hire car using this method. Where are you going in Italy? Geoff
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    Replacement Wheel / Rim Trek 520

    I'd b replacing it with a velocity dyad. It is about the best touring rim on the market. The rim of choice for Peter White who gives a lifetime guarantee with the wheels he builds. cheers Geoff
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    We got rid of our Summit Gear and bought Ortleibs which have survived lots of touring and commuting. The Summit Gear are ok but the Ortleibs are just so much better.
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    titanium frame strength

    yes they do and they make tandems too! They make the lightest tandem available that weighs only 10.5kg complete
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    titanium frame strength

    I have a Titanium road bike and when I was over 220lb flex was never an issue. I'm now down to 190 and I don't notice any flex. Titanuim used to have a name as being flexy when builders were using CP titanium. With 3/2.5 this isn't a problem. I'd certainly buy titanium again if I ever needed...
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    Problem with Garmin 305 edge

    Something like this happened to me when I first bought mine. I pressed and held all the buttons down for 20seconds or so and the unit seemed to reset itself. I've never had it happen again. Mine connects fine, the only annoyance is that when I am near Sydney airport I get the occasional reading...
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    Selle SMP Saddle

    I've been using an Arionne which I find good but I fitted a SMP Glider to my wife's Klein and she loves it. The glider is a bit wider than the evolution so I am going to borrow one to test it out. I've heard that the Specialized Toupe doesn't last long when used by heavier riders. Cheers Geoff
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    Skidding on a fixie - sans brakes

    I met a fixie cyclist at the Bicycle film Fest in Sydney who rode a fixie with no brakes. He was wearing a sling and looked very much the worse for wearing after having a nasty crash while cycling through the cbd. Apparently the skid technique doesn't work very well when the roads are wet...
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    Cycle touring in Europe

    ... > My lovely wife and I will be taking a 3 month European vacation from > September-November this year. We'll be in Germany from mid-October > for a few weeks, and were looking at doing a short cycle tour (or > two). Something up to week long perhaps? > > Does anyone here have any...
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    Max speed

    Mass is a wonderful thing on a downhill. We can easily hit over 90 on the tandem with a rolling weight of at least 170kgs. We only bother pedalling to about 70km/hr and just tuck in and coast after that. Cheers Geoff
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    lumotec iq fly led light

    You have some more reading to do. no, the fly only outputs 40 lumens. The only LED that can output 500 through a single lens is a multi-die osram and the fly doesn't use one. For an interesting read as to how to build a dynamo powered triple LED have a look at...