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    Post pregnancy cycling

    Exercise is good for PND. Lack of sleep caused by a newborn baby is bad for PND. Take every chance you can to get some sleep. Definitely get some exercise, initially by pushing a heavy pram around (baby isn't heavy, it's the nappy change bag etc. that is heavy), then cycling when you want to...
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    Passing commuters

    Poor guy, he probably couldn't see the road in front of him because it was always in shadow. When a rider I was following found out that my Cree light had a low brightness setting (0.7W not 4W), I was asked to next time use it when following so he could still see the road in front. Oops.
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    Non-cycling but possibly of interest

    The loops also have better resolution. Previously you got 4 images at 10 minutes intervals. Now you get 6 images at 6 minute intervals, for the same 30 minute overall period. The loops are really good for deciding whether to ride now, or to wait half an hour until there is a gap in the rain...
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    alternative transport

    Key the figures into 160kg, 1:10, 200W (legal limit) = 3.9km/h Reversing the calculation and modifying the conditions 160kg, 1:25 (more reasonable for a cycling route), 15km/h = 371W The limit should really be 300-400W, not current inadequate...
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    Kiddy Trailers

    Are sure it was a finger that was sticking up, and not something else?
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    Kiddy Trailers

    My wife was riding a Malvern Star ladies bike with an upright riding position. None of this leaning over the handlebars business. A style quite common in Europe. Her biggest issue was avoiding overheating while riding, which will be more a problem up north.
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    Kiddy Trailers

    I'm not sure "hard core chick" is the right description. More appropriate would be "As cheap as I am". Why drive a car and turn in a fat slob, when you can walk instead and get the exercise while you travel, for only a little extra time? Why drive 4km to the gym to sit on a excercise bike...
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    Kiddy Trailers

    Lotte, One expensive solution is the Christiania Bike (trike) We waited for the 12 month stage when each child had the necessary head support, and then used the Beto child seat on the back of my wife's bike. Note that they do fall...
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    SA - Road safety program launched with a focus on cyclists

    Not quite. Yes, a cyclist must give way to pedestrians on a shared path. However the pedestrian must not unreasonably obstruct the cyclist (i.e. that pedestrian wasn't allowed to keep moving in front of me until I was forced to stop). 236. Pedestrians not to cause a traffic hazard or...
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    Battery configs for cree/luxeon DIY bike lights

    Note Duncan's comment that the battery voltage (you say 4.8V) must be less than the LED voltage (3.7V). It appears yours is not, so the boostpuck won't regulate. Very bright LEDs, very short life. Given that you are already have the 2009 Micropuck, I would suggest using 2 x NiMH cells...
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    Battery configs for cree/luxeon DIY bike lights

    You need a current regulator. Suggestions are the BuckPuck or the bFlex controller. I bought a BuckPuck from Cutter Electronics, but they are sure to be available from other places also. Given that you are actually get 3 white LEDs to illuminate off 4.8V, you must have the LEDs connected in...
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    Cyclists shave their legs to 'look good'

    Last year I rode my bike to the VicRoads office in Carlton to renew my driver's licence. There weren't any bicycle loops, but I did find a suitable railing which already had another bike locked to it.
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    'Hell Ride' cyclist fined $400 over man's death

    Yes it is sad that it comes down to a small fine. A custodial sentence would be a more appropriate response to cyclist's actions. Would you charge a car driver with manslaughter for doing the same thing? There are motor vehicle car specific laws that sit between "failing to stop at a red...
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    What's the deal with getting pulled over by the cops?

    But the rules for 0.05% only apply to drivers of a motor vehicle. So they would have to use some other traffic infringement such as not being in control of the vehicle (i.e. same sort of rule you would use for a horse rider). Here is one person's view of the road rules...
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    Dynamo lighting

    The positive electrode of a zinc-carbon cell (the common variety of battery) is a carbon rod. So I wouldn't describe it as being poor. But then it isn't any where near as good as common metals. It also depends greatly on the form of carbon. From memory diamond insulates very well, but I...