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    stem/headset play?

    Good news, the Local Bike Shop fixed me up. The headset needed an extra spacer. I recently added a new stem and this was causing the problem. Now all is well. :D
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    i am planning to get a bike on ebay

    Make sure you ask a lot of questions. Like others have said also make sure you know how much the shipping is, sometimes it can be over $100. Make sure you get plenty of pictures, don't rush into it. Make sure you know the exact frame size you need, the wrong size bike is not FUN to ride and...
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    stem/headset play?

    So maybe I'm not sure if everything is assembled properly b/c I see what you're talking about if I remove the bolt/cap I CAN apply down-force and remove the slack. Then when I tighten the bolt/cap it doesn't remove this slack. Now that I've fubared the allen head bolt I'm assuming the bike shop...
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    stem/headset play?

    I guess I'm going to have to take the damn thing into the LBS. I took it apart like it says on the webpage at Park Tools. The strange thing is when I took the nut and cap off it also brought the inside piece with it. Then I heard somethig fall. I turned the bike upside down and the nut inside...
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    stem/headset play?

    When I remove the allen head screw and the cap that the allen head screw was holding down I have an open/empty silver depression. There is nothing there except the hole in the middle for the allen head screw that holds the cap. Is the part I need to adjust/tighten below this somehow?
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    stem/headset play?

    My road bike has an allen head screw that holds a cap on top of my stem, that is the only screw I can tighten. My questions is if I hold the front brake and jiggle/rock the bike front-to-back there is a slight and I mean slight amount of play in the headset/stem area. How much play is...
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    bike tire size ?

    I have a tire question. I'm looking to buy some Continental Ultra Gatorskin Folding Road Tires and I see they come in 2 sizes, 700x23 and 700x25. My rims are 700x23 but my current tires (specialized Amardillos) are 700x25. What size it better and why? It seems like it's only 2 mm so what is the...
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    back tire feels like it's slipping ?

    This has only happened while riding in a straight line. I need to notice more closely but it may be from riding in grooves in the road. I'll check again tonight.
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    back tire feels like it's slipping ?

    Is there anything else to worry about with the back tire slipping? I have 100psi in my tires. I don't know if it's only when I ride through small groves in the rode but it feels like the back is slipping out from underneath me. My buddy was riding behind me and noticed it, he asked if I was...
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    training ?

    Thank you to everyone that has answered. It all sounds like good advice. I enjoy riding and I want to keep it that way. Gig 'Em!
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    upside down stem question?

    I was wondering about this upside down stem issue? Seems like serious cyclists say you should remove your dork disk and your stem should be upside down. On my old ride I had the stem right-side up and it was comfortable, on my new ride it's upside down and I notice I'm stretching more than I'd...
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    please recommend a training book

    Here are 2 suggestions: The Lance Armstrong Performance Program by Lance Armstrong and Chris Carmichael. This one has 3 different programs, beginner, intermediate, advanced. It's not as indepth as others but it's a good start. The 2nd book is, The Ultimate Ride, by Chris Carmichael. It's more...
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    training ?

    So I'm looking at the The Cyclists Training Bible by Joe Friel and it has road base period for someone under 50 years of age. See: My question is, this plan says "This plan is intended for the...
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    Should my Calves be sore?

    I guess what I should have said was I feel my calves if they are cramping due to dehydration. Next would be my hamstrings. This usually only happens in the middle of the Texas summer when I've been working construction outside all day and then go for a longer ride after work. I usually take 1...
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    2005 TCR C zero Giant road bike frame ?

    Do I need to worry about finding a plastic plug or rubber washer w/ threaded plug to keep moisture out of the frame?