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    Is road cycling dangerous?

    I don't think it is if you are careful.
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    Carrera TDF

    Is this bike a good beginners racing bike?
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    Which climbing bars?

    Okay. Thanks.
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    Which climbing bars?

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    Bike problem

    At the rear of my bike, on the tube tube, the area which connects the seat pillar and top tube is geting a look as if the paint is flaking off, but its not the paint. There is no paint coming of in this area. What is this?
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    Muddyfox cycling shorts

    Are these any good?
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    Which climbing bars?

    I'd like to get some climbing bars, but don't know which ones to get. Any advice?
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    First racing bike

    Thanks alot!
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    Bike of the future will never be stolen, has puncture-proof tyres and will play music as you ride

    I'd buy that. Apart from the listen to music it sounds nice.
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    Muddyfox cycling glasses any good?

    Are Muddyfox glasses any good?
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    Does anyone have a traning regime template which I could have?

    Does anyone have a training regime template that I could have, something like a excel folder or a attachment? Thanks. :)
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    First racing bike

    What would be a good first racing bike? It can't be too expensive.
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    Apollo Slant any good?

    Is the Apollo slant any good?