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    Carbon Steerer Lengths

    I have been looking at these new carbon frames with tapered carbon head tubes and steerers. Often these bicycles are shown with quite a bit of steerer below the stem taken up by spacers. For me, I need 9cm of drop between the top of the nose of the saddle and the bars. The last carbon fork I...
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    New Frame / Old Components

    I don't believe I can go from square taper Campy to a frame with a BB86. The BB86 shell is 18.5mm wider than the BSA BB shell, so even if an adapter exists, the pedals would be noticeably farther apart. I used the Campy cranks on a Bianchi with BSA and on a Pinarello with an Italian BB. Both...
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    New Frame / Old Components

    It is quite likely that all of my equipment is 90's 8-sp Campy. I confused the issue because I did get a 2002 vintage 9-sp wheelset built, and that I spaced for 8-sp to use with the 8-sp downtube levers and RD. One of my RDs is clearly newer but I cannot find any stamping on it to identify it.
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    New Frame / Old Components

    I have 2 of these Chrous RDs. The first photo is a newer model.
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    New Frame / Old Components

    I have had to strip a 2002 Campy Chorus 8-sp group from a broken frame and I am in the market for a carbon frame as a replacement. I am soliciting advice for the compatibility issues I will face. I used downtube levers with my 8sp derailleurs, cassette and chainrings. Will I be able to find...
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    Bianchi warranty department

    Not sure how you made out with your SL, but this is my 2002 SL Lite Alloy. This was a "lifetime" warranty replacement for my Columbus SBX with the snapped chainstay. Looks like a clear defect at the bottom bracket TIG weld.
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    Jagwire Road Pro Cable Set for Campy

    Jagwire states that their Road Pro cable set is for Shimano/SRAM. I have Campagnolo brakes and 8-speed Chrorus shifting but with only downtube Synchro shifters, no Ergo. The Jagwire set appeals to me because of the available colors and functionality, but can I use it with Campy regardless of...
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    Painting Road Pedals

    I have some old Shimano Ultegra (Look-style) pedals that I would like to refinish. They are a gloss white enamel for the pedal body. What would be the best type of paint to use, spray or brush? Seems to me that the right epoxy enamel could be brushed on and would cure as a solid without brush...