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    Chains and pains

    Losing a dear friend (Yes, I mean the bike!) is always painful. I don't know what I would do if I lost either of my babies: Those are older images, but they are what I have handy on my computer. . . ;)
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    Chains and pains

    I had a chain fail on me once, it was older, and I had had to break a link without using a new pin from Shimano. Without that pin, the side plates do not grab the old pins well. . . I have not used a Shimano chain since. I've been using KMC chains with good results.
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    Chains and pains

    >Those look painful!
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    Did You Ride Today?

    Yes, for 54'Km, making the year to date 1013km. I go in for surgery on Wed to help with some of the problems I faced this year. My goal for 2019 is 1500km
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    Confused about hub dynamo

    Wow, no replies? OK, any hub dynamo will fit as long as it has the same type of axle as the old hub (through axle, quick release, or bolt on ). Most of them will power a headlamp at a brisk walking pace, but the drag produced will vary by who makes it. If you are powering a Busch & Müller...
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    Welcome, Bruce! If you are wanting riders to challange yourself against, you might consider one of the social activity trackers like Strava or Endomondo. Not only will you be able to connect with other riders and compare results but you can also monitor your own progress.
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    Having headlight at night

    Froze, for a "to be seen" light I would not pay more than $10 to $20. The most likely reason there is no word on the brightness of the bright eyes rear light is that very few ask about that, while almost everyone wants to know how bright the one in front is. I admit I üaid a considerabe ammount...
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    Having headlight at night

    I actually have one of the B&M headlights mentioned above. It is powered by a dynamo in the front hub, and provides plenty of light to be able to ride safely even with no other light sources (think overcast night on a road or trail with no lighting). The way I see it, there are two kinds of...
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    Would this make a good bike cam? your thoughts?

    I have one similar. Works for what I need it for...
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    Any recommendations for breaker cycle chain?

    Park has a tool. . . is like saying "There's an app for that. . ." ;)
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    "activity tracker" help! opinions needed

    Thanks, Bob. Endomondo does not give a yearly cumulative total, and Strava does. I'm trying that out this year. The in-workout interface for Strava sucks, for my needs, however, so I'm using a separate "bike computer" app for the in-workout dashboard. Currently, I am using IP Bike for that as...
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    "activity tracker" help! opinions needed

    Endomondo, Strava or what? I've been using Endomondo, but they seem to be dumbing down the interface and app to much, so I installed Strava to try that. Is there anything else that works as well? What about Cycle computer apps? I use ant+ so it has to interface with that. I'm using IP Bike t go...
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    Do mtb shoes look proper if you wear the rest of the roadie look?

    Well, yes. without my azz, I would be 10kg lighter. Of course, I would be faster without it! ;)
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    Freakin' auto parts store

    Both of my bikes are named as dancers because of how nimble they are. Also because that is what I call my spiritual practice: a dance with life.
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    Freakin' auto parts store

    Same here. I built Feuertänzerin (German for Fire Dancer) because I wanted a disc brake based tourer. This is my first bike with disc and I love them! I usually went with Vista brakes before. Mondtänzerin (Moon Dancer), my road bike uses Athena Monoplanar brakes from 1989 as a tribute to the...