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    SRM/Powertap output contrast

    Hi Andy, When I was deciding on a power meter I read the following link on this seems to indicate that contrary your observations that the PT consistently recorded higher values than the SRM.... though I do agree with...
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    average or norm power for calculating my FTP

    Hi I'm into my 3rd week of prep training for next year from a fairly untrained state having had a year off cycling. I'm estimating my FTP is ~220 from training rides using average power. But I'm thinking this could be underestimating my true FTP. Where I live there are no stretches of flat...
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    powertap pro problem, can u help?

    Thanks Jeff, I flipped it to display torque and it was over 200. I zeroed the torque and its been fine ever since!.... strange though that the power/speed were okay on my ride the day before. Anyway sorted now, thanks.
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    Can you now reproduce road FTP on your trainer?

    For me its simply been pychological I just hate doing long intervals on the trainer and the thought of CP60 on the trainer fills me with dread.... it maybe the same for others. Where I live its very rolling with little opportunity to do long intervals (20min +) so I have to do them on the...
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    powertap pro problem, can u help?

    Hi my powertap pro developed a problem this morning. see below my email to Saris who unfortunately have not see this problem before and suggest I change the hub batteries. Does anyone else have any ideas. Any help much appreciated! thanks Paul Sent: 24 October 2006 13:59 To...
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    Advice - what are the best intervals for increasing 25 mile TT power?

    Thanks Michael, that's kind of what I was thinking but just wasn't sure. I'll focus more on longer intervals, slightly above my 40km TT power.
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    Advice - what are the best intervals for increasing 25 mile TT power?

    Hi I'm a triathlete and I'll only be able to undertake 1 bike interval session per week in order to recover for the run and swim interval sessions. Fitting in quality training is always a difficult balancing act to avoid falling into overtraining. which interval sessions would be best to...
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    gyming to improve power

    I'm trying to follow this thread but struggling ...... closesupport - you seem confused with your ideas about training cycles. I really think you need to read something like Cyclists Training Bible - by Joe Friel. Its not perfect but it provides a very good explanation of training...
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    Buying bikes & parts off Ebay

    I just bought a frame and a chainset for great prices off ebay in the US and they're winging their way to me in the UK. One other thing you need to think about is VAT and duty. The cost added onto the frame is 4.7% duty and 17.5% VAT.....that's over 22% extra. And these costs are calculated onto...
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    Advice - buying a new frame outside UK?

    ....bump, bump
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    Advice - buying a new frame outside UK?

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying a new TT frame from the US/Canada and wondered if anyone else had done this? If so what are the rate of duty & tax that you have to pay? I'm trying to work out if its worth it. many thanks for your help
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    Most comfortable seat?

    I have trouble getting comfy, until I was recommended the Fizik Aliante, (not the Arione). Its lighter and more expensive than the Arione but I love it. Its even got rid of the back ache I used to suffer on long rides. I used it on the Etape this year for 9hr45 and the family jewels felt just...
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    Polar heartrate monitor question

    sorry gigemaggs not a clue take it in to your local dealer and see what they reckon.
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    Nimble vs HED

    I'm going to take the plunge and invest in some free speed for triathlons and TTs next season. I'm not sure which way to go, HED 3 or Nimble Crosswind. I loads of people use HED 3 but I havent seen anyone using the Nimbles. Their website reckons they're lighter, and in crosswinds they're...
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    Polar heartrate monitor question

    sounds a bit strange, I also use a Polar HRM and it does measure in Kcal....even if you were flat out you wouldn't burn that many. I average 800-900kcal/hr when working hard. Was your HRM reading correctly thoughout?....sometimes mine gives bad readings if not positioned correctly or if the...