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    I can't drink anything....

    As far as I know Fluoride has been banned in most countries due to its less than nice long term effects (apparently). Seems good old Oz just had to have it though. Arent we lucky :rolleyes:
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    craving coke

    Hi there I recently asked a local health food store the same question, but I crave chocolate as well. Basically she said that after vigorous exercise, the body uses up its stores of Chromium. Dont quote me on that lol, Im going by memory here. Depleted stores of this, makes the body crave sweet...
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    rotated kneecaps

    Heya I gave up racing 12yrs ago after an accident that dislocated both my knees (cars will do that lol), I snapped my cleats off as i came out vertically. Anyway, everytime I start to build up a modicum of fitness with cycling, I get numb tingling and aches in my knee caps. A physio told me both...
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    tour de france & paris roubaix clips?

    Hi There I was wondering if anyone knew where I could possibly download clips of the Tour De France? Specifically the time trials. Also Ive never seen footage of the Paris Roubaix, and would love to see some footage of it. Any help appreciated :p