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    What type of bike do you have

    Nice! I have a new 5.5, best bike I've ever riden!
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    bike pics!!!

    Myself and my Intense 5.5;) right before a race
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    Helmet brands

    I have two Catlike's. Same helmet Phonak uses. Lightest helmet on the market and I really like the style. And it's what my team wears.:)
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    What kind of fork do you have

    I use a Rock Shox Pike with lockout and 120mm of travel on my Intense 5.5;)
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    new trainer is burning rubber

    Yes, this is very typical of trainers. A common trait. My advice, use a cheap tire so your not burning up good rubber.
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    Ultegra 10 speed

    My friend just bought a new Ridley Boreas with Ultegra 10s, one of just a few that have it on. The bike came from the Interbike show here in Las Vegas. It looks and feels just like DA. Crank is very similar to dura ace. I have riden it and my opinion is very nice quality stuff. You won't see...
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    Best Roadbike around $2500??

    I would take a look at the Ridley Boreas. Aluminum frame with carbon seat stay and carbon forks. For around $2500, you can get it with Ultegra.
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    Looking to purchase new wheels

    I use Rolf Vigor which retail for around $800. Velomax are also great wheels. Or for a great set of everyday, inexspensive wheel set try Neuvation. Hand made, somewhat light and comparable to Mavic Ksyrium's! Well worth the money. I have a set for training.
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    Poll: What type of ride do you have?

    I ride a new Intense 5.5
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    Which Carbon Road Bars?

    I'd have to agree, FSA makes some of the nicest carbon bars I've seen!
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    Ridley Bikes...

    The shop that I ride for just became a dealer for Ridley. I have riden the Damocles and I have nothing but great things to say about it. Very light weight, came in at 15lbs with DA components and Rolf Vigor wheels. I have also riden the Boreas which is alloy/carbon frame with the all new Ultegra...
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    Have you ever had a bicycle stolen from you while riding ?

    Wouldn't this be called 'bike jacking'?:D
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    Rolf Wheels

    Some of the best wheels out there IMO!;)
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    Your Avg Pwr @ 20-22mph Flat

    My average is around 250ish.
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    Fondriest or Kuota?! Who is the king of the CARBON MOUNTAIN?

    The local shop that I ride with just started carrying Kuota and they are going like hot cakes! From what I've read and seen about them, they are a pretty sweet bike!