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    How many rides before you wash your kit?

    1 only dirty bastards will wear the kit twice without a wash
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    30 Days - NO BEER

    unless you compete at a decent level combining work training and family life diet is secondary to the actual training you do . most riders have already levelled out on performance so drinking moderatly will do no harm
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    winter turbo training

    alot of good training videos on youtube thanks for all your replies
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    New online training which is personalised

    there a bit ignorant on here mate am doing a charity bike ride myself. i just started 30 mins a ride and just built it up i was by adding 5 mins a week to my rides till i got to a base level.then just worked maintaining the level and increasing to longer rides when possible
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    30 Days - NO BEER

    bollocks to your post on fucking tea
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    winter turbo training

    under whelmed with the response think i will ditch the forum
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    winter turbo training

    with winter fast closing in here in england . would appriciate any tips on turbo training to get me through the winter.
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    Disk brakes not releasing

    **** it with a hammer
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    two days riding 1 day off 2 days riding 2 off 1 day riding then 1 off then repeat make sure you rest
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    supplements and general

    cheers for the input
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    supplements and general

    been cycling about 4 months or so now at an okish level. any advice on diets or supplements that may help ?
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    what special equipment needed in the training?

    spare pair of legs
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    novice training

    whats the best way to train want to do a 60 mile bike ride next year ?