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    Need to order complete headset!

    I have a bare carbon frame and a bare carbon fork. I need a headset with crown and all the other little pieces. Is there a kit I can order with everything in it? Any suggestions on what type I should buy?
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    Need to order right tubular tires.

    Thanks for all the responses. After doing lots of reading and watching YouTube I was afraid. I don't know if someone has a patent on clinchers and is trying to make money (cough * Samsung) by putting negative reports, or if a lot of people just blurt things out. Tubular tires are the shiznet...
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    Need to order right tubular tires.

    When I ordered my wheelset I thought tubular meant they use regular tubes. I ordered this wheelset...
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    training so confusing

    I just read this and it seems pretty accurate. Quote: Maximum HR Many believe that you can calculate your maximum HR by using the formula of 220 minus your age. For some people this may be accurate, but for many it will be wildly out. I’m 54 years old so, using the formula, my max...
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    Hello everyone! The back of my balls are killing me!

    I've been out of the cycling since July and I'm trying to get back into it. I use to do 50mi rides like nothing and did 2 100+ mile rides summer of 2011. I brought down my trainer and have been trying to do at least 15 min every day. The problem is my gunch is though enough yet and my saddle is...
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    Should I go back to my LBS?

    I think danfonz had the best answer to my question. Thank you everyone for the reply. I found on groupon another shop that did a complete overhaul for $100. Every where else wanted like $175 Sent from my VS840 4G using Tapatalk 2
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    Should I go back to my LBS?

    I have always bought everything and done everything on my own at home or on the Internet. I went to my LBS yesterday and my rear Michelin Pro 3 had a tear in it. He replaced the tube and Sole me a rear Vittoria Rubino PRO Slick. I also purchased the Uvex FP3 helmet. As expected I would pay more...
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    Someone in China has a sense of humor with all these knockoffs

    I saw this and laughed
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    Have any of you ever heard of or delt with this site?

    I think I must be the cheapest guy on this forum. I cant say about that website but I ordered from and I do not have a single complaint. The pad is a chamois and the stitch quality is great. I just tried using Eclipse Cycling because it was a little cheaper and the quality is...
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    Anyone else get an erection from watching Thomas de Gendt?

    WOW! No love for Bianchi? I now realize I am a cyclingforum minority.
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    Anyone else get an erection from watching Thomas de Gendt?

    Not because of the guy.....ewwww; but, because the Bianchi Oltre? They were showing the bike a lot because he was in first and damn that's a fine looking bike. If you haven't guessed yet I am a Bianchi nut!
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    2012 Paris - Nice

    I've been following this and I'm a little confused. I remember at the end of last season they were saying that Radioshack-Nissan (or maybe BMC?) were supposed to be a super mega team. Are they just a disappointment or did something change?
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    The increase number of Cyclist Accident are quite concerned

    lol You're concerned? I saw in the paper a couple of months ago Long Island was rated the most unsafe place to ride a bicycle in the USA. I think it had the most fatalities and accidents per area. I don't even keep reflectors on my bike for the reason being I will definitely, no mater what, ride...
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    Looking for entry level road bike in the 500-1000 price rang

    If you search for my name you will see I was in the same position last April with my GMC Denali. I bought a used 2010 Bianchi Via Nirone 7 for very cheap off of Craigslist. I then did my first century in June. I too am a rider on a budget so if you want to know where all the cheap goods are at...