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    Foldable bike for vacation

    Sorry to say but a new folding bike for $200 is not going to be even close to being durable! The only low price folding bike that I would even remotely suggest is the B'twin Tilt 120 folding bike, and that one puts you right at $210, but I'm not sure if they'll send a bike to any country, you...
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    Do i have potential?

    I think you need to read this: Doing a lot of running will hinder your cycling, but doing a quick run will not and instead will benefit your cycling, this is why the above site yaks about alternating between running and walking...
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    Please recommend my first bike!

    Congrats on deciding on cycling, it's a fun sport. I agree with paying less than $500 for your first bike, just in case you don't stick to it over the long haul you don't want expensive garage art. If you want an upright riding position then really the hybrid or the fitness bike is your only...
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    Need help with foot numbness!!!

    Numbness in feet can be caused by having the shoes to tightly laced, try that first because it's cheap to do. Second cheapest thing to do is to adjust your cleat position, if you bought your shoes at your LBS they can do this for you and should do it for free, my LBS does. They will usually...
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    Safety equipment for a beginner

    by the way, never use earbuds while riding, this not only can distract your brain from what's really important, but it will also block out important sounds that can alert you to a potential problem, like the sound of a car suddenly accelerating behind you which will probably mean they want to...
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    Safety equipment for a beginner

    I really don't think you need pads unless you'll be riding off road on real rough stuff, or you never rode a bike in your life so you may crash a few times till you get the hang of it! LOL!! I seriously doubt you've never been on a bike; so unless you're riding off road on rough terrain skip...
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    Is this too cheap to be any good?

    That's generic junk, go find a lower end Sigma computer and you'll be happy.
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    Types of weight loss products.

    You can go down to CVS or Walgreens and pick up the stuff that's used for pretreatment for colonoscopy, that should make you lose some weight.
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    Blue tail lights. do what now?

    Blue tail lights are illegal on motorized vehicles, in general they are legal on non motorized as long as they don't flash, and as long as they face rearward, some states may have some slightly different variations. I can't find any studies yet to prove or disprove if blue is safer than red...
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    Is it legal to use caffeine in cycling

    I do know that since 2016 we've had 5 die due to heart attacks while racing, was that because of caffeine had them too pumped up? They will never tell us what caused the heart attacks, there are caffeine products on LBS shelves that they sell a lot of, and if controversy arose that those were...
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    New forum member

    I had to ask my wife to confirm but they didn't have Neulasta when she went through her ****.
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    New forum member

    That's good to hear your wife is doing a lot better. I emphasize with people that have that sort of **** going on, it's bad no matter what the percentages are, and sometimes the treatment is the worse part. My wife was put on the harshest chemo on the market plus radiation, she almost died...
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    New forum member

    I'm sorry to hear about your wife, my wife too had to go through chemo and radiation for a very aggressive form of breast cancer that gave her an estimated 20% chance of survival, she survived and is now 17 or 18 years out minus a breast and lymph nodes but she's alive. So I'm praying your wife...
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    New forum member

    I'm new, but been reading this forum for a long time, all I got to say about all the arguing, and mostly insane nonsensical comments, all that stuff starts and keeps going on and on and on from one person who is active on this forum, and that person is Cyclintom. All you have to do is search...